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School Moderation

Moderation of Assessment in KS1 and Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have recently been visited by teachers from other schools within the county to identify if the way our teachers mark and assess children's work is broadly similar to others in the county. The moderators work with our teachers to identify if the work the children have done is to the Local Authority standards and that we apply a consistent approach across all the children.

We are pleased to say that the moderators are very happy with the work and assessment of teachers in school and that they both commented on the standard of children's work, could see that the teachers work really hard to maintain the standards and that they are supporting children really well. They both also commented on the lovely atmosphere that is provided in the school and the impeccable behaviour of the children in the classrooms.


Thank you for working with us and your children to enable us to get this fantastic feedback from stakeholders working with school.