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Lunchtime Changes Letter

Dear Parents / Carers
Re: Changes to lunchtime
I thought it prudent to write to you all to inform you of some changes to lunchtime on the Junior yard.
The Government ‘give’ all schools money under the heading of ‘PE and Sport Premium’, which is ring-fenced money designed to get the children more active through the school day. In school, this is spent by school in a variety of ways – one of which concerns the Junior playground.
As of Monday 21st and running for four weeks (as an initial trial period), the Juniors will see some changes to how lunchtimes are run.


1. ‘The Mile’: Between 12 and 12.15pm, the children will spend 15 mins increasing their heart-rates, endurance and stamina through a ‘mile walk’ around the edge of the playground. The aim is to complete a mile (which works out at 13 laps. Each day a different ‘house’ will complete the distance (that’s the aim), with Friday being an open session for those that wish to have another go. Our expectation is that everyone has a go – either running, walking, hopping, chatting - so as to increase their overall exercise during the course of the week.


2. Dinners: Children will not be called into dinners in their year groups, but in their houses. This is to build upon the excellent relationships that have emerged from Friday Enrichment time, but also it gives our Year 6’s more responsibility in setting examples to the younger year groups. Sandwich children will go in as normal, with the exception of the ‘Mile Walkers’ who will go in after they have completed their 15 mins exercise.


3. Zoned Playground: To allow for a more structured approach to the games, the playground will be zoned into five areas, with a variety of activities being run by the Sports Leaders.


4. Chesterfield Football Club: We have two coaches coming into school on Tuesday and Thursday and these will be on the football pitch running training session for anyone who brings in a change of kit. Mr Windsor will send out further details of this.

As mentioned, this is a four week trial and at the end of which, we would like feedback from everyone. If it’s good, then we’ll keep it and add in some more variety; if it’s bad, we’ll look at why and make necessary changes. So over the next four weeks, please talk to your child about the aim of the project and offer encouragement with regards to having a go, getting involved and giving it time to work (or not as the case may be). Further details of the activities can be found on the school website (Key Information – Primary PE page).


Many thanks for your support in this matter.
Mr Cocking.