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Jubilee lyrics

Here’s To The Queen Chorus Here’s to the Queen! Here’s to the Queen! She’s the longest reigning monarch There has ever been! A commonwealth of nations sings in celebration, So let’s come together and Give three cheers for the Queen! Hip - Hip! Hooray! Hip - Hip! Hooray! Hip - Hip! Hooray! Verse 1 Seventy years upon the throne, That’s no mean feat! Now she’s passed Victoria For time spent in the seat! And still her star is shining, So on her jubilee, We’ll sing with happy voices, ‘Here’s to you, your Majesty!’ Chorus Here’s to the Queen…. Verse 2 Since her coronation day, How things have changed. Our world is so different now, But one thing’s stayed the same; Her tireless dedication To keeping Britain great. So, in appreciation, We wave our flags and celebrate! Chorus Here’s to the Queen….