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The curriculum encourages pupils to sing, compose and use percussion instruments in order to develop their creative skills. Through active listening, pupils’ awareness and understanding of different periods, styles and genres are developed. We encourage pupils to sing with confidence, which contribute to end of year performances and traditional Nativity plays.


The school provides pupils with plenty of opportunities to enjoy making music, through learning to play an instrument with access to the Wider Opportunities Scheme in KS2 and singing with the choir during after school clubs from Y3.  The children who wish to continue to learn an instrument do so through accessing the Further Opportunities scheme.


Children also have the opportunity in LKS2 to learn the recorder and a hand bells club provides an interesting variation!

Included below are files which detail the curriculum progression through the Rising Stars framework.  this framework is based on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from the National Curriculum, but break them down into smaller, more progressive steps.