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Important Things



12.15pm       -          Doors open – children are greeted by Miss Hall and

                                  Mrs Rotherham.  Children come to Nursery, say ‘bye’

                                  to their grown-up, hang their coat up on their peg, find their

                                  name in  self-registration and find an activity to enjoy.  Register

                                  is taken and sent to main office.  Any children coming to

                                  Nursery from Manor House have their lunch.

12.30pm       -          Miss Furniss returns to Nursery from her lunch and Mrs

                                  Rotherham leaves for her lunch. 

12.30-1.30pm  -     Children continue with their child-initiated learning –

                                  choosing where they want to play and adults join them and

                                  help to extend their learning.  Also, adult-led activities take

                                  place – such as name tracing, counting and/or number

                                  recognition activity, helping to develop painting/drawing

                                  skills, making, construction activity, play dough skills (finger

                                  strengthening), dough disco

1.30pm approx -     Tidy up indoors.  While snack is being prepared, whole

                                  group goes into Quiet Room for discussing the day of the

                                  week, the date, what the weather is like. Adult-led activity

                                  follows – phonics practice, counting activity, listening

                                  skills,  story and discussion.

1.50-200pm -          Snack time – wash your hands, find your name (self-

                                  registration), choose your drink and sit down to eat some

                                  fruit.  Once fruit has been eaten we then have something

                                  extra such as half a scone, a scotch pancake, a biscuit or a

                                  piece of toast with either jam or butter.

2.00pm approx -    Outdoor fun – adult led and child-initiated activities such as

                                  climbing frame and slide, role play (recently has been a

                                  dinosaur cave and a cinema), construction toys, small world

                                  play (imaginative play e.g. toy cars, dolls), writing activities,

                                  riding bikes and scooters

2.50pm approx -     Tidy up outdoors

3.00pm approx -     Quiet room for singing, story, playing instruments.

                                   As parents arrive the children find their coat and leave