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Topic Homework

At least one piece of topic homework should be produced each term, rewards are given at the end of each term to the children who have taken the time to do some homework. Please be as creative as you like! It could be written work, arty, crafty, musical, mathematical or even photos of something you've done as a family out of school. Termly homework idea's can be found below.



Listening to your child read is also really important, as well as discussing what they are reading with them. You should listen to your child read at least 3 times per week, if your child forgets their school book please feel free to read any books they have at home.

Please make sure you send your child’s reading book and Reading Record with them every day!



This year we are starting a Spelling Bee! 42 words are tested at the start of the term, then again at the end of the term. The children will be given 7 spellings per week to learn.  Children who score 42 at the end of the term will receive a special award during Star of the Week!

Term 6 Homework Idea's & Spellings:

  • Create your own packaging for your own bar of chocolate,
  • Design a poster to advertise your chocolate bar using our persuasive writing techniques,
  • Research the life of Mr Cadbury and create a fact file for him, 
  • Use chocolate to bake your own chocolatey goodness! Take lots of pictures and write up your recipe, 
  • Create a descriptive paragraph about your favourite chocolate bar using adjectives and your 5 senses,
  • Design your own chocolate farm. Make sure you plant enough cocoa plants to grow your beans, 
  • Create your own Chocolate Land,
  • Create an origami chocolate box using the folding skills you learnt earlier in the year in DT,
  • Research the history of chocolate, 
  • Write an acrostic poem using the word Chocolate.

Term 5 Topic Homework Idea's & Spellings

  • Design and make a model of a body of water,
  • Make your own map of rivers in the UK,
  • Make a list of ways that water is essential to people, plants and animals. What would happen if there was no more rain?
  • Create a poster about being safe near water,
  • Design a brochure persuading people to visit a seaside town or village, 
  • Create a poster encouraging people to save water,
  • Create a rain noise maker using small pebbles or seeds in a plastic bottle. You could decorate it using a water theme,
  • Make a map of the world's oceans, 
  • Create a diagram of the Water Cycle, 
  • Keep a diary of the water you use throughout a day or week. 

Term 4 Topic Homework Idea's & Spellings

  • Discover what foods the ancient Egyptians would have eaten and follow or create a recipe,
  • Create a picture using papyrus in the style of Egyptian art,
  • Research and record information about Tutankhamun,
  • Construct a pyramid using any suitable materials,
  • Create an acrostic poem using the words Ancient Egypt,
  • Draw a picture of an Egyptian God or Goddess,
  • Create a crossword puzzle about Ancient Egypt, 
  • Compose a short song about Ancient Egypt, 
  • Create a dictionary of hieroglyphics, 
  • Research and record information about the River Nile,
  • Using our persuasive writing from last term, design a brochure encouraging tourists to go to Egypt.

Term 3 Topic Homework Idea's & Spellings:

  • Create a map of Europe,
  • Research traditions from different countries to share with the class,
  • Write a fact file for a European country,
  • Create the flag of a European country,
  • Create a set of Top Trumps cards for European countries,
  • Create a model of a European Landmark,
  • Research traditional food from different countries - what do we also eat? What is different to our diet?
  • Create a European countries crossword,
  • Create a model of a European mountain or river,
  • Create a 'Journey Around Europe' board game.

Term 2 Topic Homework Idea's & Spellings:

  • Research and present the Anglo Saxon timeline,
  • Research the foods that Anglo Saxons ate and create a menu,
  • Show some of the differences as to how the rich and poor Anglo Saxons dressed,
  • Design your own Anglo Saxon village,
  • Demonstrate how Anglo Saxon houses differ to our own,
  • Taste test foods grown or found in Anglo Saxon times and write your review, or, create a recipe showcasing the food,
  • Write interview questions you could ask King Alfred the Great,
  • Recreate an Anglo Saxon artefact,
  • Draw/ make your own Anglo Saxon coin,
  • Draw a picture of the Sutton Hoo treasure.

Week 2 Homework - Iron Man pages 46-49

Term 1 Topic Homework Idea's & Spellings: 

  • Find out about the clothes Ancient Greeks wore. You could draw and label a picture showing a typical Ancient Greek outfit, or create one which you could wear!
  • Make a Spartan helmet or design a shield.
  • Create a Greek temple, like the Parthenon, using a range of materials.
  • Make a travel brochure about Ancient Greece. Where would you travel to? Where would yous stay? What could you do while you were there? 
  • Design your own Labyrinth. 
  • Research Greek food. How is it different to traditional English food? You could recreate your own Greek dish and write a recipe for others to follow. 
  • Create an eye-catching, informative fact file or poster about a Greek God.
  • Create a leaflet for people visiting Greece including important information. Where is it? What is the weather like? What is the currency? What is the language?
  • Turn a myth into a cartoon using lots of pictures and speech bubbles. 


Week 1: Words with /aw/ spelt with augh and au

  1. caught,
  2. naughty,
  3. taught,
  4. daughter,
  5. autumn,
  6. cause,
  7. applaud,
  8. author.


Week 2: Adding the prefix in-

  1. inactive,
  2. incorrect,
  3. insecure,
  4. indefinite,
  5. incomplete,
  6. infinite,
  7. inability,
  8. indecisive.


Week 3: Adding the prefix im-

  1. immature,
  2. impossible,
  3. immortal,
  4. imperfect,
  5. impatient, 
  6. impolite,
  7. important,
  8. improper.


Week 4: Adding the prefix il- and ir-

  1. illegal,
  2. illegible,
  3. illiterate,
  4. irregular,
  5. irrelevant, 
  6. irresponsible, 
  7. irrational, 
  8. irresistible. 


Week 5: Homophones & near homophones

  1. missed,
  2. mist,
  3. scene,
  4. seen,
  5. board,
  6. bored,
  7. which,
  8. witch.


Week 6: Words with /shun/ endings spelt with 'sion'

  1. division,
  2. confusion,
  3. decision,
  4. collision,
  5. television,
  6. revision,
  7. inclusion,
  8. explosion. 

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