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Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019

Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 1 Rev Andy Walker: Co-Chair and Data Lead
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 2 Maggie Brough: Co-Chair and Safeguarding lead
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 3 Liz Hagan: Foundation Gov and PP Lead
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 4 Mike Simms: Foundation Gov. Health & safety & PE
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 5 Tim Cocking: Ex-Offico and Headteacher
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 6 Sarah Hutton: Foundation Gov, Assessment lead
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 7 Tori Lister: Foundation Governor and SEND Lead
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 8 Rachael Eyre: Staff Governor and EYFS Lead
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 9 Elizabeth Morton: Foundation Governor
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 10 Joan Swann: Foundation Governor
Our Current Governing Body 2018 - 2019 11 Vacancy for Parent Governors

For all correspondences to the School Governors, please address them to;


Mr J Whiteley

Clerk of Governors


We will then forward all correspondences onwards.



A Bit About the Governors 2018 - 2019


Rev Andy Walker:  Co-Chair:


Hi there!

My name is Andy Walker and I’m delighted to be one of the governors at Camm's School.

I am the Rector of three of the churches in the local area. and I’m married to Bertie.


I’ve been a governor since January 2015. I’m involved in leading Collective Worship and occasionally dropping into classes. I’m passionate about the school and look forward to doing my bit to help every child here succeed. !


Do please get in touch with me if there’s anything I can help with.


Maggie Brough:  LA Governor and Co-Chair


It has been my pleasure and privilege to be a governor at Camm's for the last two years.
In my working life I enjoyed teaching in a range of schools, both primary and secondary, in
mainstream and in special settings, latterly as headteacher.

Governing bodies are central to the effective accountability of schools. Working in partnership with the headteacher, they play an important part in school improvement. Over the years I have worked with many brilliant governors. However, I can honestly say that I have never come across a team of such committed and skilled people, all so very focused on the best outcomes for school.

Working together with a talented group of staff, led by a headteacher who is constantly striving for improvement and who displays a welcoming openness and readiness to accept challenge, we strive for a safe, happy and effective learning environment where every child can succeed.


Tim Cocking:  Headteacher


Many of you know me from the day-to-day role of headteacher - either from chatting on the playground, school-gate, coffee-mornings and more recently at parents' evening.  It is a part of the job that I value as the regular, personal contact with parents helps to iron-out concerns before they become issues, and also to talk about how great your kids are!


As headteacher, I have another 'hat' as Governor.  This requires me to keep the whole of the Governing Body updated as to the status and direction of the school, and be there to answer challenging questions.


I know that both roles run along the common thread of ensuring that I, as school leader, do everything possible to improve the lives of the children within school, and that all decisions are child-centered.  Even though some might not always be popular, they are done with this philosophy at heart.


Liz Hagan


Hi everyone,
My name is Liz Hagan and I a foundation governor at Camm's.

I taught in local primary schools for over 30 years and have a keen interest in seeing children get the best education possible in a caring, supportive environment. I am really enjoying getting to
know the school and helping with collective worship.

With my husband, I lead the Eckington congregation of the Oaks Community Church, based at the Friendship Hall. As well as running the Acorns toddler group there, I lead a family service on 3rd
Sunday of each month and holiday clubs - look out for our adverts!



Sarah Hutton


I'm a foundation governor, I have two children who are very happy at Camm's, currently in Y4 and Y6.  I am a secondary school teacher so I have an active interest in education.


My priority as a governor is to ensure fabulous learning is taking place in a safe, positive environment. I've taken responsibility for overseeing assessment and data at Camm's - quite a challenge as the entire framework is undergoing so many changes!  I take the responsibility of supporting and challenging the school leadership team very seriously. There's nothing more important to me than my children's education and I will continue to do everything I can to ensure excellence in every aspect of our school. 


Tori Lister


I am a foundation governor at Camm's.


In a previous life I had a lot of involvement with financial management and I am currently studying to become a teacher so hope I will be able to bring both business and education skills to the governing body. I have specific responsibility for overseeing the SEN aspects of the school, with Mr Blake the school's SENCo.


Mike Simms


I am a foundation governor with responsibility for health and safety.


Rachael Eyre: Deputy Headteacher


I’m Rachael Eyre, Deputy headteacher at Camm's and Reception class teacher. I represent the school staff at Governors and hope to present a clear picture of what’s currently happening in our wonderful school. As an experienced teacher and also mum of 3, I fully appreciate the importance of providing positive opportunities that educate, enrich and motivate our children. My role as a governor allows me to share my passion for the job with others and ensure that as a school we are helping all children succeed. 


Gemma Sharpe-Buckley


My name is Gemma Sharpe-Buckley and I am a parent governor at Camm's.


I have one daughter who has been within the nursery setting for the past year and loves her time here. I am a Property Lawyer by profession and I hope that my role will enable me to learn more about education of our children and assist with providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all children.


Laura Clay


I am a parent governor at Camm's.


Elizabeth Morton


I have been a Foundation Governor since January 2015. I have previously held responsibility for looking at how the school utilises the pupil premium and sports premium and the impact this has on our children.
I currently have one child at the school and I joined the governing body as I wanted to be able to help support the school to continue to maintain its high standards in our children's development and ensure they have a strong foundation for their future.



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