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Friday 21st

Read 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.  Write definitions of the vocabulary on the sheet above.  If you haven't got a dictionary book, you can find the words and definitions online.  If you have spare time, you could also find synonyms for these words, or find extra 'vocabulary cake' words.

Continue to read the novel.  In class, we are approaching Chapter 4.

English #2 Vocabulary skills

Use the first page of the resource above.  Design a wanted poster, created by the White Witch, trying to find Lucy or Susan (daughters of Eve) or Edmund or Peter (sons of Adam).  Try to include the vocabulary from the bottom of the first sheet.  Remember to channel your inner witch when you write this!

1:10pm Star of the Week assembly


RE - The Five Pillars of Islam 

Watch the video first, then consider the video questions.