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Curriculum Statement

Staff at school have worked hard over the last year reviewing the curriculum in line with government regulations and the school has invested in a new scheme of work which provides progression from Y1 through to Y6.  Evaluation of this work is ongoing and we will keep parents informed of children's progress through our regular contact events within school.  If parents are worried at any time about their progress they can contact their child's class teacher. A Curriculum statement is provided as a pdf document below.


For the 2015 - 2016 academic year we moved towards a more 'thematic' approach, and this has continued into 2016 - 2017.  Each term (or block of weeks) is drawn together under a single theme and all of the learning is related to that topic.  So, for example, the children will be learning about Robin Hood in Y5 and so will be writing recounts and poems about characters and personalities from that era, or learning about length from sticks gathered during a KS1 nature walk as part of their topic.


From 2019, the curriculum is being revised to take into account the Ofsted requirement planning to cover Intent, Implementation and Impact.  At Camm's we are developing this approach across all year groups, but is still in its infancy.


Further information as to the curriculum content your child will be experiencing throughout the year can be found on individual class pages, or via contact with your class teacher.

Curriculum 'Jigsaw' - an overview of how the curriculum looks following the changes

Topics Overview

Reception Overview

Curriculum Map