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Computing prepares children for using technology in our rapidly changing world. We are becoming consumers of technology at a voracious rate and need to create developers.  To facilitate this, we operate several strands of computing through school:


  • Online Safety - The Internet is a wonderful place if used safely!
  • Digital Literacy - Skills of word processing, presentation, spreadsheets etc
  • Programming - Creating content through the use of development software.


We have an ICT suite, laptops and tablets to be used by classes of children to facilitate all of these aspects.


Children use a variety of software packages to support their learning and begin to understand programming and algorithms .  We have a safe use of the internet policy’ available for all parents/carers to look at upon request. All parents are asked to sign the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Included below are files which detail the curriculum progression through the Rising Stars framework.  this framework is based on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from the National Curriculum, but break them down into smaller, more progressive steps