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This Week’s Timetable

Early Work

Monday: Writing numerals

Tuesday: Handwriting (lower case, Great Fire of London topic words if confident)

Wednesday: Common Exception Words

Thursday: Handwriting (capital letters)

Friday: Writing numbers as words



Lesson Video: Add by counting on activity

There is no worksheet for today's maths lesson (see lesson plan).

Lesson Video: Add by counting on


Lesson Video: Add ones using number bonds (Part 1)

Part 1 of worksheet


Lesson Video: Add ones using number bonds (Part 2)

Part 2 of worksheet

Reasoning Friday:


We are currently working on a narrative unit supported by the online resource Active Learn (wordsmith). One of the main advantages of this during this period of remote learning is that you can access key stories, such as Mary and the Twelve Months, which the unit is based on through your child's Active Learn account. The resource also comes with some PDF resources which we will also allocate to your child's account at the appropriate time.


Sound Mats:
Phonics Play
Username: camms1702      password: 17camms02
Weekly Planning
Below is weekly lesson planning for Phase 3, 4 or 5. Please contact Mrs Treweek if you are unsure which phase your child should focus. I have added some Phase 3 pyramids for the children to have a go at this week. Apologies that the sound isn't fully clear throughout the recording.
Phase 3:

Mr Blake's Phase 3 Reading Pyramids

Still image for this video
Phase 4:
Phase 5:

Topic: The Great Fire of London

Everyday Materials



If you didn't get chance to have a go at Miss Drabble's art lesson last week, make sure you have a look at her art tutorial video. 


This week in P.E., we are going to using first two lessons from this BBC KS1 dance unit of work. Although you have less space at home, you will be able to join in with most of the actions in a small room. Please click on the link below to find the lessons.
Below are a few activities which will help you develop greater core stability. All the activities/exercises can easily be done at home.
Qualitas are also producing some PE lessons for children at school and at home. This first KS1 session works on strength and balance.

Series 2 Online PE Week 1(KS1): Strength and Balance

Back for Series 2 of PE sessions. This one is specifically for KS1 children either completing the session at school or at home. The first session focuses on ...

Joe Wicks is also delivery morning exercise sessions for children on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The sessions start at 9am.




This week's story is 'The Baker's Boy and The Great Fire of London'.

Chapter 1

Still image for this video

Chapter 2

Still image for this video

Chapter 3

Still image for this video

Chapter 4

Still image for this video

Chapter 5

Still image for this video

Poem of the Week

The North Wind Doth Blow ❄️

Still image for this video

Collective Worship

Possible weekly Collective Worship plan for remote learners (see links below):
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Fischy Assembly, 11am



Faith @ Home


Fischy Music


Picture News





Fischy Music Assembly (18 Jan 2021)

We're back! Get singing and moving with Fischy Music.18th January 2021Send your fancy dress photos to by Thursday 21st January.www.fischy....


Faith at Home - Collective Worship for Primary Schools - Episode 2: Courage

Our second #FaithAtHome Collective Worship episode focuses on the theme of Courage - reflections, prayers, thoughts, fun and ideas to try at home and in scho...

We enjoyed watching this video in Collective Worship last week. The assembly talks about this term's theme, courage.

Other Collective Worship resources produced by Faith at Home can be searched for her (search primary videos).

Enjoy choosing some songs to learn at home using our school Fischy Music account.

Three ways to enjoy fischy music at home:


1. Check out fischytunes
The children select songs related to their selected emoji/feeling when they enter the website.
2. Subscribe and join us live on YouTube, Mondays 11AM for a live streamed assembly!
3. If your child would like to sing some of the songs we have started using in collective worship at home, they can login to the fischy website using our school login. There are plenty of new songs to learn too!


Username: Eckington
Password: (ECKINGTON!)

Picture News (Thursday)

Mrs Eyre’s Picture News Assembly

Still image for this video

Picture News Virtual Assembly - 18th January

This is "Picture News Virtual Assembly - 18th January" by Picture News on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Picture News Home Learning Resource

Online Learning

You may find this timetable helpful for additional online learning activities:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Reading Eggs

Purple Mash

Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs

Purple Mash



Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs



An amazing website with lots of information, fascinating facts and games all about The Great Fire of London.
A resource to support children's learning throughout the curriculum. Check 2Dos for remote learning tasks related to our topic (set on Sunday 10th January).
These websites are fantastic for support your child's reading development. There are several ebooks allocated to the children on Active Learn and many children are already making the most of our recent subscription to Reading Eggs. Remember, there are also lots of ebooks on Purple Mash.
Complete maths quizzes covering the Y1 curriculum. Further quizzes have been allocated yo your child's account in the last week.
A fantastic site for building basic maths skills. Login details for this site were sent out via Parent Hub last week. Please contact Mr Blake if you didn't receive contact details for your child.
A fantastic resource to support children's progress in science. Click on the link to find out more about our current topic, 'Everyday Materials'.

Y1's Top 5 YouTube Learning Videos of the Week...

1) The Big Numbers Song

Make sure you are confident counting to 100, and beyond...

2) Alphabet Song

Make sure you know your letter names by learning this funky alphabet song.

3) Using the prefix un

Discover more about a key Y1 grammar objective with Sandy squid, using the prefix un.

4) Phase 3 Tricky Words Song

Enjoy learning this song to help you learn Phase 3 tricky words.

5) Seven Continents Song

Have fun learning the seven continents of the world with this groovy tune!