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Year 5

Welcome To Year 5

Class Motto: “It takes less time to do it right, than it does to do it twice.”

Teacher:  Mr Hill

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Phillips

Class Number: 26


Children , answer these questions :  

1. Do you know all your tables ? Yes. Good, we'll use these nearly everyday. 


2. Are you ready to learn ? Yes. That's good because I can't teach you anything if you're not ready to learn.


3. Do you know what is happening in the world everyday? No, then watch Newsround or a similar programme.


4. Have you got a full PE kit in school? Yes. Good, you always need a full kit in school. I decide if we are indoors depending on the topic and the weather so don't get caught out and bring your kit on Monday and take it home on Friday. PE is on Thursday and Friday.


Thank you



Please do not share any of these photos on Facebook or any other social media site.  the pictures that you share of your child may contain other children who do not want to be shared.  By doing so you may be breaching confidentiality and other legal issues might arise.


If you do share, we may have to remove the pictures, and other pictures too.


If everyone plays by the rules, then everyone is safe.


Many thanks for your understanding.


Mr C.

I'm editing the pictures from Quadkids (too large for the website) and as soon as they are ready I will post them here! 

Modern Foreign Languages with a Chinese Flavour (using chopsticks)

Dressing up for World Book Day

Spring Homework is all about World War 2 and the local area

Fabulous Robin Hood Homework

Parents Evenings Timetable

Let's get ready to .......................plant some veg!

Even More from Lea Green - Team Swing

Some more from Lea Green - The Cave and Buggies

All arrived safe-and-sound.


Task 1 - The Duvet Dance.  many of the children looked like they were fighting with a bear rather than putting on a duvet cover (a little more listening to instructions would've helped...).  still, all sorted in the end.


Then lunch - plenty of food to keep us going through the stream walk (photos below).  Although it  doesn't do justice to the scenes of Libby trying to get under one of the obstacles or Alisha trying to reverse through a small gap instead of going head first.  Rib-aching stuff!


On our return, it is amazing how many of the children thought that showering didn't involve the use of a towel!  


A bit of free time now - badminton championships and basketball - and then out for a walk later.


Will keep everybody posted as much as possible.


Mr C

The children have had a great time scrambling in the stream and completing a night hike. All tucked up in bed. Night Night.

Lea Green 2015 - wet and wonderful!

Lea Green - Stream Scrambling Day 1

Day 2 - High Ropes and buggies.


The day started well with the children really pushing themselves to the limit on the high ropes course.


As always, children that often say the least in school, really rise to the top and surprise everyone.  the 'Leap of faith' provided many such moments, with more children than I have ever known completing the 'climb and jump' challenge.  It was an inspiration to both myself and Mrs Roddis, as we joined in the climbing (jelly-knees aplenty).


The caving wall and buggy races followed in the afternoon.  I can only think that some of the children have picked up driving tips from parents!


Just getting ready for tea and 'Smugglers Run' tonight.


Updates to follow.


Mr C.

Day 3 - (apologies for the delay).


It started well with lots of running around looking for spare kit, lost kit, misplaced kit, dirty kit and that's-not-my-oh-wait-yes-it-is kit.  We eventually packed and headed out to the Team Swing for the last activity.


After some technical issues, we were finally under-way and needed every single one of the breakfast-sausages to enable us to put each other up the swing.  Mr Hill has taken some excellent photos and videos which will appear here. 


We were having that much fun , the 12.30pm lunchtime bell came and went and we were just packing up at 1.30pm!!  


Quick lunch and debrief and a safe journey home.

Lea Green Kit List - in case any have gone missing

Important skill - Speaking and Listening! If you can tell a good story, you can write a good story!

Robin Hood Topics 1st term

Robin Hood Homework for Autumn 1

As a parent myself I often find the most stressful times are when my daughter says to me 'I've got homework to do' (which is often on worksheets and often last minute). This isn't good for you or for them. As a school we try to make learning enjoyable and fun. The grid above is filled with fun activities for you and your children to complete together. I've tried to include as many different activities as I could so there are day trips you can take to museums, recipes to find and make, items to design and build and many more. Please bring the finished items into school for us to display. Good luck and enjoy your learning together.

SPAG or GAPS (Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar / Grammar and Punctuation, Spelling) 


Spag homework is set every other Monday. The children then have 2 weeks to try the quiz to the best of their abilities. If you have any problems accessing the website please come and see me. 


The children are able to do the quiz at lunchtime in the ICT room if they cannot complete it at home. Please remember to pause the quiz if you cannot complete it in one sitting, once they click finish we cannot access it to restart it for them. 


To login :

Enter username and password. Click begin or resume quiz.

Once completed click Finish. 


I then get a report which I use to plan the work on Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar in the weeks ahead.


P.S. GAPS is the official title but we prefer Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation (SPAG) ! 

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Wet Day (OLD NEWS)


As is traditional, on Monday afternoon (Summer Term), the Y5 and Y6 children will be taking part in Wet Day. The children will need to bring a change of clothing (PE kits are ideal - no whites though - they become see through) and, of course, a water pistol. Here's hoping for good weather and remember - don't forget your water pistol. Let's hope the one I ordered off the internet arrives in time (see below).

Year 6 Leavers' Service

Messing about on the river (well canal).

Camms comes 3rd in the Specsavers Tag Rugby Tournament

Bikeability comes to Camms

SATs Timetable KS1 and KS2

Mr Stirland's Singing Coaching

Welcome To Year 6 - 2013/14

Class Motto: “It takes less time to do it right, than it does to do it twice.”

Teacher:  Mr Hill

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Treweek (am), Mr Webb (am), Mrs Phillipson (pm)

Class Number: 33

The importance of the link between home and school is a vital cornerstone here at Camms and in Y6 we are fully aware of that partnership. Effective learning is brought about by the children being motivated and feeling happy and secure in their classroom environment. Fun and realism in learning, are designed to bring about children achieving their personal goals and putting pride into every piece of their work. We hope the following information will allow you to make the very most in supporting your child in Year 6.

Topic Information:

Literacy: Letter Writing, Story Writing and SATs Practice.

Numeracy: Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, Co-ordinates, Angles, Shape, SATs Practice

Religious Education: Life's Big Questions!

Science: Electricity, Interdependence and Adaptation

Geog: Contrasting Localities - Chesterfield and Eckington

Art/DT: Religious Images

Hist : Crime and Punishment through the Ages, Medicine

Timetable Information:

· P.E days:Tuesday and Wednesday.

· Please ensure that the children have a variety of clothing options appropriate for indoor and outdoor P.E. including appropriate footwear.

· Please ensure all clothing ,(including P.E. kit) is clearly labelled.


“This is an essential part of learning but the idea is not to stop children doing their own thing outside of school.”

· Homework will be distributed on a weekly basis - literacy, numeracy and spellings. Extra copies are available in class. We would like the children to become more independent learners, and develop the skills of time-management in preparation for life in secondary. Although there is a hand in date it can be done anytime up to that point. The children are responsible for it until it is handed over to the class teacher (on Fridays)

· Ongoing practice in times tables, reading and spelling is encouraged throughout the week but should only take a maximum of 10 mins.

· Should there be a problem with homework, I will be quite happy to spend time with your child to help to explain it again.


Remember to log into regularly and use the quizzes there.


I look forward to working with you, in helping your child to achieve their full potential and to make their time at Camms a happy, enjoyable and memorable learning experience.



I know what you were capable of (in year3) - now show me what you are capable of now.

Loads more photos !