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Year 5 - Miss Blacklock

Easter Egg Competition

Music Morning 28-3-19

As part of our dinosaurs topic, we reconstructed our own dinosaur skeletons using clay. The children were very engaged and thoroughly enjoyed making their own dinosaur.

For ideas as to how to support your child's progress, please see our homework ideas page for current homework grids, spellings, reading skills questions, maths apps and online versions of any homework set. 

Decorating Christmas trees for the Fair

In maths, we have been learning about presenting and interpreting discrete data. We created a human bar chart about our favourite Ancient Greek monsters!

Our Ancient Greek Class Assembly

Lea Green


Day 1 - Made it!


After a few early setbacks, we all unpacked and headed straight into the treasure hunt.  This allowed us to gain a bit of familiarity with our surroundings and run off a little bit of steam.

Lunch – some rather marvellous sandwiches, crisps and HUGE iced biscuit.  This set us up nicely for the afternoon’s activities:


Mr Webb headed over to the Team Swing and Buggies

Miss Blacklock got kitted up for the cave and skyline ropes

Mr Cocking and his band of pirates headed out on to the Seven Seas to tackle monsters, rescue fair maidens and then back home for tea.  Well, that’s what we were promised – turned out to be a rather pleasant canoeing trip along Cromford Canal.  Left, right, pull and push seemed a bit tricky, but once we got the hang of it, we were scooting along at a fair rate of knots.  Photos below.


Tea was spagbol with the biggest bowl of profiteroles you have ever seen!  The downside was that at least half of the table didn’t like them.  No prizes for guessing what happened to the rest…


Evening activity was Star Ambush.  Collect stars; get ambushed by a teacher.  Not much else to  add really.  Lots of screams, lots of running and some well-needed revenge!


I am typing this at 10.30 and all of the children are in bed.  Not 100% sure who many are asleep though.  So far we have had three home-sick, two stomach-aches, two duvet-fights (children 0: duvets 2) and a wandering teddy.


Might still be typing at 3.30am….who knows.


As with all of these trips, we do try to take photos, but making sure the children are safe and having a good time comes first, so apologies if there aren’t many.  Also the Wi-Fi is terrible, so they will be uploaded as and when.


Day 1 - Mr C's The Pirates of Camms

Day 2


Team Swing then Skyline for Mr C's group

Skyline and Canoeing for Mrs Webb's group

Canoeing and Team Swing for Miss Blacklock's group.


Lots of effort, shouting, cheering, joining in and challenge.  Everyone had a good go, and some excelled (and surprised) themselves during the day. 


All of the pictures below are completely unedited.  They may be blurred, spot-on, pictures of the sky or they may perfectly capture the moment.  At some point, we'll edit them, until then, it's a warts-and-all collection.

Class Information and Welcome


Welcome to Y5.


We have 27 children and we will be working with our teaching assistants Mrs Philipson and Mrs McGuigan. Mrs Roddis will also be working with some of the children. This term, our topic is Harry Potter. The children are very excited about the topic and I have planned lots of Harry Potter themed lessons to inspire and engage them with their learning.


I have high behaviour expectations in the classroom – first and foremost, good behaviour is required for a thriving learning environment to enable your child to fully reach their potential. If a child does not demonstrate behaviour for learning, the behaviour policy will be applied on each occasion. I appreciate your support in ensuring that behaviour expectations are met so I can ensure that your child is reaching their academic potential and feels safe and happy at school.


Homework will be given in the form of homework, maths homework, spellings and via the Harry Potter topic grid. All topic homework received will be proudly displayed in our classroom.


If you wish to discuss any area of your child’s learning, please do not hesitate to book an appointment through the office either before or after school.


Miss Blacklock