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Year 5 - Miss Blacklock

A message from some of our girls :)

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Welcome to Year 5.

Our class teacher is Miss Blacklock and we will be joined by our teaching assistants Mrs McGuigan, Mrs Treweek, Miss Smith and Mrs Roddis at different points in the week. We are an enthusiastic class of 30 children who always take pride in our learning.


This website will act as a “picture diary” of our learning throughout the year. It will also be a place to find out home learning ideas, our topic webs, timetable and any other important information.

If you have any queries and would like to book an appointment with Miss Blacklock, please do not hesitate to arrange a suitable time at the school office.


Thank you.

Evolution: looking at the evidence - fossil making.

Game to show the fossilisation process

Art - looking at Monet and Impressionism. We discussed the mood and colours used in Monet's River Thames paintings and then made our own impression of the paintings.

Enrichment - STEM engineering challenge. The children worked brilliantly as teams in Y3/4/5/6 groups to create a structure using just newspaper, tape and scissors.

Y5/6 Volcanoes. We looked at how volcanoes form and then conducted an experiment which created a chemical reaction similar to a volcanic eruption.

We started our new topic "Earth Matters" by investigating water cycles. We conducted an experiment by making water cycles in a bag to see the process with our own eyes.

In History we examined Indus Valley settlements. We looked at different types of building and then the houses they lived in. We attempted to build an Indus Valley style house out of lego.

We painted a landscape for our calendars this year.

Christingle making with Y1.

DT and history - we examined Indus Valley toys and compared them to British toys. We looked at different animal toys with moveable heads and had a go at creating one in the style of an Indus Valley toy.

STEM enrichment - a forces lesson looking at air resistance and thrust through Paper Plane Bullseye.

Y5/6 designing and making artefacts

Reasoning Friday - lesson 2. Factors and multiples puzzle. I was thoroughly impressed with the children's perseverance and effort with a very tough reasoning puzzle - which I adapted from a KS3 activity. It involved factors, multiples, primes and squares as well as other concepts. Some excellent mathematics took place.

Reasoning Friday. The problem: The children were asked to design some boxes for a Christmas sweet manufacturer. Each box was to contain 36 sweets placed in lines in a single layer in a geometric shape without gaps or fillers. Here they used counters (as sweets) to solve the problems and create as many boxes as possible. The lesson involved reasoning about factors and area.

A spectacular (and scrumptious) Indus Valley homework!

Our new topic is The Indus Valley. During our initial introduction to the topic, we made our own versions of ancient seals out of salt dough.

Y5/6 DT - we made frames using saws, measuring tools and glue guns - safely! We also designed alien pictures to put in our frames.

Multiplication in the sunshine

In R.E and art, we have been examining different beliefs about God and how God is represented. We looked at churches and cathedrals and drew our own.

Genesis enrichment - we launched our bottle rockets into the sky. The Y6's were fab helpers and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Y5/6 worked together to create musical "Space Sound Stories".

We made E-safety posters to display in our classroom.