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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5, which consists of 31 children; our teacher, Mrs. Crotty and our teaching assistant, Mr. Webb.  Mrs. Treweek and Mrs. Roddis will also be spending some time with us.  If parents would like to speak to me, please pop in at 8:45am or after school.  If you would like more than a quick chat, please book an appointment through the office.  Over the next two years we will be pushing your child to reach their full potential - your support at home is invaluable in this.  Please see below for homework links.  I will also be updating this page with photographs and news relevant to our class.  Looking forward to working with you all, Mrs. Crotty

Lea Green programme

Animals Topic Map Term 1

Topics for 2017 - 2018

Welcome To Year 5


Please scroll past this section to see our newest exciting news and events.


Class Motto: “It takes less time to do it right, than it does to do it twice.”

Teacher:  Mr Hill

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roddis

Class Number: 21


A warm welcome to this year's class page.  I hope, over the course of the next six terms, to fill this page with loads of pictures of the children learning and useful information about what we are doing.  I will also be putting up homework, notices and the usual reminders so please visit us often.


If there is something you would like to see, then please drop me a note and I'll see what I can do!


In the meantime:


Children , answer these questions :  


1. Do you know all your tables ?

Yes. Good, we'll use these nearly everyday.

No.  Get practising them!  In the car, at home, on trips, anywhere!


2. Are you ready to learn ?

Yes. That's good because I can't teach you anything if you're not ready to learn.

No.  Hmmm, that might get in the way of doing the great stuff I've got planned.  Come and have a chat.


3. Do you know what is happening in the world everyday? 

Yes.  Excellent.  It is always useful to have knowledge of the world around us.

No, then watch Newsround or a similar programme.


4. Have you got a full PE kit in school?

Yes. Good, you always need a full kit in school. I decide if we are indoors depending on the topic and the weather so don't get caught out and bring your kit on Monday and take it home on Friday. PE is on Thursday and Friday.

No.  Get it brought in then!


Thank you.


Mr Hill

Crich transport trip: please look on the year 6 class page for photos.

Summer Term 2 - Transport

'Changes' information meeting for parents Friday 9th June, 3:15pm in Year 6.  Children may be supervised separately by Mrs Roddis if necessary.
Year 6 Open Evening (for current Year 5s) at Eckington Secondary School on 14th September 2017.

Summer Term 1 - Friend or Foe

Our Class assembly - We really are stars!

We are designing and making badges

Spring Term

Autumn Term

The Turkey's Tale

Well done to all the Y5 children who took part in the concert on Thursday morning. You sounded superb!


A big thanks to all the children in the school choir who represented the school on their recent tour.  You were ace!

We have lots of exciting Christmas events coming up! Here is a list of important dates and times...

Please check our pages carefully - we add content all the time and move it around. Scroll down to see what's new in Year 5. Check out the homework section with our all new super Purple Mash, and ActiveLearn.

Preparing for our Christmas Fair 2016

This term's topic is Robin Hood.


We will be learning about his life, legend and the time in which he was alive.  


If you know anything about this topic, please bring it in a share!


More details to follow.

Thank you to all the children who contributed to our Robin Hood display - here is a selection.

Our fantastic assembly - Robin Hood

Robin's topic web

Children In Need raised over £300

Note from Mr Cocking.


Mr Hill has been unable to join us for the start of term this year.  We hope to have him back as soon as possible, but in the meantime Mrs Harmsworth will be taking the class in his absence.


I hope to secure the services of Mrs Harmsworth for as long as possible to maintain as much continuity as possible until Mr Hill's return.  I know that Mrs Harmsworth, who has taught in school before, is looking forward to teaching the Y5's and will provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities for the children.


Many thanks for your patience and understanding at this time, and we wish Mr Hill well.


Mr Cocking.

Lea Green


Thanks to all those that came to the meeting on Friday.  I have tried to remember all of the questions asked as well as few other bits and bobs.  If there is anything missing, or you think is important, please let me know.


Money:  £5 max.  There is a small tuckshop and some souvenirs to buy, but it’s an adventure trip, not a shopping-spree.


Electronics:  NO.  Leave all phones, kindles, tablets etc at home.  Any found will be confiscated for return on Friday at school.  This is both for the purposes of not getting broken, but also safeguarding.


Phonecalls:  We will not be phoning home except in matters of emergency or if there is an issue with safety.  


Footwear:  Lea Green has a limited supply of wellies which are fine for the activities we have planned. If you have your own wellies, I would recommend bring them, as I cannot vouch for the state of the feet that used them before yours!  If you have walking boots, then they are a good option, but please do not go and buy some just for these three days.  


Snacks:  'Parental Guidance' is a polite way of answering this.  The food at Lea Green is good, the tuckshop is there (limited sweets allowed), so there isn't much need for additional snacks.  However, the lure of a 'midnight feast' is ever-present, but please think carefully about the amount given.  Staff will not be clearing up self-inflicted mess.


Food:  Lea Green food, as mentioned, is plentiful, nutritious and nice.  Fussy eaters are frowned upon, and if your child hasn't got enough fuel inside them, the centre staff may not let them take part in activities for safety reasons.  There is nothing poisonous and if the medical forms have been filled in correctly, the centre staff will know your requirements.


Bravery:  Yes please!  This is a trip which will hopefully give the children new experiences, which are likely to be scary!  In order to make the most of the opportunities, and cost, we will encourage, cajole, bribe and nudge everyone to try to go beyond their normal ‘comfort zone’.


Bedrooms:  The boys (with Mr C) are in the main house, with the girls (and Mrs P), in the cottage.  The children are expected to keep their own areas clean and tidy; something I am sure they are familiar with at home.


Slippers:  They area good idea as the main house is old and has wooden floors with splinter s a possibility.  Also, Lea Green is essentially, someone else's home, and we would respectfully like to keep it clean and tidy.


Case:  The children will be expected to pack, unpack and carry their own cases.  Please help them with the packing -that way they know how to do it and what is in it!  Towels and wash-bag are a must.


Clothes:  Do not send anything bright or new - chances are it won't return in the same state.  The general rule is:  If you are desperate to get it back, don't send it.  


As always on these trips, we expect behaviour of the highest standard and for the children to do us proud as a school, you as parents and them as individuals.




Parent's Evening Times