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Year 4 - Mr Hill

Important message for "y5 to be" from Miss Blacklock.

Home Learning For Week Beginning 13th July - These are only to be done if you've finished everything else

Important information about Y4 get together in school. Please read the letter carefully. (Reposted with correct dates and times)

Home Learning for Y4 Week Beginning May 6th to May 10th

Home Learning for Year 4 Week beginning Monday 29th June

Home Learning Monday June 22nd to Friday June 26th

Contact Mr. Hill

If you need to get a message to me quickly then use this contact form instead of contacting the school office. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

Home Learning for Year 4 - Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Home Learning for Year 4 - Week beginning Monday 8th June

One of the activities this week is to make pizzas and then write a recipe using Purple Mash.

If you have the ingredients then great. If not, don't worry the children can still do the written activity without making the pizza. 


Please do not make a trip to the supermarket for ingredients unless it is absolutely vital.


Remember keep safe and stay at home.

Work for Y4 - Week Beginning 18th May 2020

This Week is Mental Health Week

Welcome to our page



Just wanted to let you all know I've set up some new online  work / challenges for you to have a go at.


  • On Purple Mash I've set several todo's so check them out and see what you think. If you read a book I'd like you to review please. If you've completed a computer game review that in the same way.
  • On TTRockstars I've challenged you all so see how many of you can beat me.
  • On I've reset some of the work you did and if you got less than 60% I'd like you to have a go again. Remember that you check through your original test first to see where and how you went wrong.
  • On Spelling shed I've set up the spellings for the next few weeks.
  • On Maths shed I've set up some number challenges based around times tables etc.


Remember to do what you can and if mum or dad can't explain it / help you with it then move onto something else. DONT STRESS ABOUT IT! Just do your best.


Finally, a message to mums and dads...….





You're doing great. You're helping where you can and doing fab. It isn't easy helping your children (mine's currently doing GCSE Physics so any help from you would be gratefully received) and you're trying your best. Keep up the good work and this will all be over soon.


Mr. Hill

EEF supporting daily routines during school closures

Consistent routines can be a struggle at home with changes to our home working and schooling. Routines support healthy wellbeing.

You may find this useful. Afterall who doesn't love a good ticklist

Work for Week Beginning - Monday 11th May 2020

Work for Week Beginning Monday 27th April 2020

Work for 20th April to 26th April 2020

Update - 14th April 2020


Below is a quick link to our class page where you can find photos of the children homelearning. Take a look....... and if you have any photos send then to Mr C at


Take Care

Mr. H

The link to get to the photos is the one above here. 

Our Normal Day to Day Timetable

Websites to Access - Y4 Letter

School Closure and Home Learning

Pobble Weekly Literacy - These need to be done over the course of a week, the stories could be written using Purple Mash 2 Publish