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Y3 Spain Class Assembly

Y3 Samba

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The children have been learning how to play together in a Samba Band

Earthquake new reports (group 1)

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Earthquake news report (group 2

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Earthquake news report (group 3)

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Earthquake news report (group 4)

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Earthquake news report (group 5)

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Earthquake news report (group 6)

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Oh no there's been an earthquake in Y3! What a great prompt for writing...

We have been learning about time and doing timed activities.

We have been outside looking for signs of growth. We experimented with growing cress and painted our own versions of Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'

We have started our new topics 'plants'

Y3 Parents Meeting


Many thanks to those of you who could make the meeting. 

As promised, I said that I would communicate the content of the meeting to allow those who were unable to attend, to still remain informed.


The main purpose of the meeting was to reassure you that we are, in Mr Windsor’s absence, still delivering excellent provision for your children.  I understand the difficulties that have arisen from having a number of different faces at the front, but we have tried to maintain as much continuity as possible through:


Arranging cover for extended periods:  This was first through Ms Fuentes for the term and then in two-week blocks through Mr Rist and Mr Smith.  I tried to keep Ms Fuentes for the first part of this term, but a pre-booked month in Chile made this impossible.  Should Mr Windsor’s absence extend further, then we will endeavour to remain the services of Mr Smith for the remainder of the term and then re-evaluate in the second part of the term when Ms Fuentes returns from her travels.  The aim of this is to maintain as consistent a teaching environment for the children as possible so as to reduce learning impact.  From the feedback concerning the work in children’s books, this has, on the whole, been successful.


Continued provision from Mrs Roddis:  We have been fortunate in that Mrs Roddis has agreed to rearrange parts of her timetable to allow for her to be in the class delivering high-quality interventions for the children and provide excellent support for the teacher in the room.  Whilst this has had impact on other interventions we offer, I felt that this was a ‘greater good’ situation.


Progress and Tracking:  It was highlighted that the assessment grids in the back of the children’s books had not been completed since October.  This is correct, but the online assessment system we use, Classroom Monitor, has been updated and so this allows us to continually monitor and track the children, as well as identify areas for future development and teaching. 


Spellings:  The spelling groups have been maintained and children are being tested on a weekly basis.  The variation in spelling difficultly is my fault, through the result of me misinterpreting information given to me.  Hopefully this week’s (see below) are of a higher quality.  You know where I am if not!


Naturally I cannot comment or divulge any information as to the nature of Mr Windsor’s absence, other than to wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to his return in the future.

Spellings for the next week


As requested!


Support for Spelling Spellings













Support for Spelling Spellings!

Drop the ‘e’













Our Stone Age Expedition 20-1-16

Welcome to Year 3's page

Class Teacher: Mr Windsor

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roddis

Number in class: 33


Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage where you can get an overview of the learning and events that are taking place within our class. Our main aims for the year are to be polite and respectful to everybody, try our best at all times and to show an increased responsibility and independence for our own actions and learning.

General Information:

PE Days: Mondays and Fridays. Indoor and outdoor kit are needed when the weather is appropriate for us to be outside.

Homework: Maths will be issued on Friday and will be a mixture of homework sheet, ongoing tables practice and ActiveLearn. This is to be completed by the following Friday. 

Literacy will be covered through the Topic homework along with any additional pieces deemed relevant to the work being covered at that particular point in time.

Weekly spellings will be given out on Friday and tested on the following Friday.

Children are expected to read on a regular basis both at school and at home. Please help your child to complete their 'Reading Record' books. These are checked on a regular basis and children will be rewarded each week based on the amount of times they have read the previous week. This is simply a record of all reading done at home and is not limited to only school library books.

All children are aware of their current passwords for ActiveLearn but these can be changed by their class teacher if needed. Copies of the homework and spellings are always available through a combination of the Year 3 webpage, class noticeboard or by simply requesting another copy from their class teacher.

Maths in Year 3

Book Week stars of the week

We still work hard even when we are dressed up!

Drama in English lessons.

Y3 Non-negotiables

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Y2-Y3 Transition PowerPoint. Contact Mr Windsor if you need anything further.

Easter fun in Y3!

Welcome to Year 3.

Class Teacher: Mr Windsor.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Roddis.

Number in Class: 20 pupils.

Termly Topics:

Literacy: Non-fiction (unusual fashions), Performance Poetry by Roger McGough and Christina Rossetti.

Maths: Mental and written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, statistics, measures, fractions, ratio and proportion.

Science: Helping Plants Grow Well, Light and Shadows

History: Stone Age to Iron Age.

Computing: Scratch.

RE: What can we learn from prayers and meditation?

Art/DT: Dazzle topic work.

Music: Recorders, songs for Dazzle

PE: Dance, Ball Skills.


General Information:

PE Days: Mondays and Fridays. Indoor and outdoor kit are needed this term as we shall endeavour to be outside (weather permitting).

Homework: Literacy and Maths will be given out on Friday. Literacy will usually be spelling sentences and is due back on Wednesday. Maths homework will be a mixture of homework sheet, tables practice, ActiveLearn and is due back on Friday. The weekly spelling test will be on Friday.

Useful Websites:

Y3 Non-negotiables

Stone Age to Iron Age Summer Term homework tasks