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Year 3 - Miss Beadle

First of all, you're all doing a grand job! Thank you for helping your child to continue learning and putting them in a strong position for returning back to school! 

Where to start: 

Here!smiley I'm sure you've all seen Mr Cocking's idea of 'buffet learning' fill your plate, come back for more, pick it up, put it down, come back to it later - whatever works for you and your child!

Weekly Work has everything that your child would normally be doing right now at school so this is the best place to start. It is all new learning so may need some support but all the tools for them to succeed are there! This is the most important work to make sure they are in a strong position when we come back!


Branch out:

There are lots of things set on Purple Mash for the children to do if they aren't fancying written work, fancy a change or just want to keep busy! I love when the children email me via 2Email and post on our class 'Keeping in Touch' blog via 2Blog it's really important to stay connected in this very distant situation!

It is also good for them to keep playing on the usual stuff: Spelling Shed, TT Rockstars, Numbots and


If you are struggling to access any of this or would like support in doing so please contact school and we will try our best to help!


As always, stay healthy; stay safe!

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Y3's Get Together!

This weeks picture quiz is just for fun rather than as a competition! 

No need to send me these ones on Purple Mash, there are far too many characters to go through!



Already some photos on our class page of you guys working super hard at home - make sure you send us some to add of you!


Check out what your classmates have been up to:

Collective Worship.

Fischy Music is a resource that we have recently purchased at school and have been using during collective worship. Whilst at home if your child would like to sing some of the songs we have practiced at school they can login to the Fischy Music website using our school login. There are plenty of new songs to learn too!

Username: Eckington
Password: (ECKINGTON!)


Make sure you also take a look at our collective worship page:

Daily Routine & Supporting Your Child

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Everyone is adapting to an unusual situation when supporting your child’s behaviour, and their social and emotional needs, there are a few key principles that should help:

1. Find your new routines: Routines support behaviour and you will be finding a new rhythm for your family. You could share this video with your child. Talk to them to help them plan their new routines.
2. Look for the positives: Because you need to be on the ball when things go wrong, it is easy to focus only on the unwanted behaviours and spend time addressing those with our children. If we can also catch them doing things right and praise this behaviour, we’re likely to get more of it. Could your daily routines include activities where your child is likely to make you proud?
3. Model the coping techniques you are using: Children are still learning to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours. Think about struggles you have faced, discuss these and try to be open about getting it wrong and trying a different strategy. Encourage your children to explain the approaches they are trying too. You are their role model!

These are the Home Learning Pack/ Practical Ideas that were sent home with your child. As well as the answers for you to mark their brilliant work!