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Year 3 music morning


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Dear Students and Parents

I hope you had a lovely week in the sunshine and are looking forward to Summer term 2.  We have a new topic this term- Transport. Please find the new homework grid below and spellings. 

In regards to the spellings, please learn group 1. They have been put together with similar spellings, so that it may be easier to remember, these are the national Year 3 and 4 spellings that you need to know by the end of year 4. I have also put on group 2, which is year 5 and 6 spellings, so that once you are confident with year 3&4 spellings then you can try year5&6. 

Please start at week 1 and we will carry on with out spellings tests on Thursday. 

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Fuentes

Transport topic - Summer term 2

Homework grid for Transport - new topic this term.

Spellings - some new, mainly same as before.

Investigating soil and what's in it.......stones, wood, leaves, insects, plants.

It's oh so quiet and peaceful.........................when they are learning!

Seed dispersal dramatization- what we did when the electricity was cut!!

Topic web and an overview of what we will be learning this term - Plants

Homework for Term Summer 1 - you are welcome to have a look and start with some activities.

We have been reading 'Ug' by Raymond Briggs. We explored the features of a comic strip...

Pics from Dance Platform. Official pictures and video to follow!!!

Six times table song.

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Please find the lyrics on youtube.

Stone Age adverts

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This term the children will be learning about the Stone age. Here are some adverts that they produced to advertise bow and arrows!


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Sorry it's on it's side. I couldn't change the view.

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Dance Platform Competition on Tuesday 7th February at the Winding Wheel.

Dream - our music for the dance competition.

Please read the letter about the competition which will be happening on the 7th Feb.

Three times table song

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This song is to the tune 'Uptown Funk'. Please use the lyrics to sing-along.

Spring Term 2 - STONE AGE! Please find the overview and homework grid below.

Hello and Happy New Year! 


I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are raring to get back to school. This term we are doing The BFG! 

I have been trying to keep it a secret! I wanted it to be surprise when you walk into the classroom and see our own BFG! 

I have planned lots of creative and exciting lessons for you and hope you bring your dream diaries to school to use what you have written! 


Parents, please find the topic web, term over view and The BFG homeword grid below. I will send this home, but just in case you don't receive it.........


Miss Fuentes smiley

Christmas Concert

Year 3 Recorder concert

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Just in case you couldn't make it this morning, here is the year 3 first recorder concert. They did very well indeed!


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We have lots of exciting Christmas events coming up! Here is a list of important dates and times...

Children in Need day at school! Everyone wore polka dots - Well done!

Anti-bullying day videos.

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As this is anti-bullying week, we decided to do a complete day on; how to identify being rude, mean or bullying and what we need to do in those situations. The children chose their own groups, wrote their own scripts and performed for the camera.
Please enjoy.

Harry's message about bullying.

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Unfortunately I couldn't turn the video the right way. Sorry Harry.


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Explanation of how to make a Shaduf

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Our class assembly.

Job adverts!

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Can you work in the hot sun? Do you have muscles? Do you want to have an ancient Egyptian job?
(some of our job adverts for different job titles in ancient Egypt)


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Magnet!. Learning about North and South polar fields.

Egyptian Day - Friday 9th September

Class spellings for those children who are doing the weekly test. If your child is doing Attack Spellings, they are not expected to do the weekly spellings unless they wish to.

Curriculum map for Year 3 - Ancient Egypt, (please have a look at the activities we will be doing over the next two half terms).

Autumn Term Homework Grid

Hello and welcome to the new school year. 


My name is Miss Fuentes and I am the new year 3's class teacher.  I am looking forward to teaching the children this year and I have lots of exciting plans.  

If you have any worries or questions, please come and see me at school.  

I look forward to meeting all the parents at parent's evening.