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***Latest Y1 News***

Woodland Ramble


Check out some actions shots from today's (Thursday 7th July) woodland walk.


Europe Topic

Library Visit


Y1 enjoyed their trip to Eckington library this afternoon (Friday 24th June). The children found out which European countries different fictional characters come from and completed a team game where the children were challenged to find and make different European flags. Mr Blake realised he had overestimated his own personal jigsaw ability. The children also had chance to take out books from the library on loan.

Dance Workshop


Year 1 enjoyed learning a whole class dance today. Check out some actions shots below.

Mathematical Measures


Year 1 enjoyed and estimating and measuring different objects in maths the other day. Check out some of the action shots below.



When done to Charlie, Andrei, Emily, Mia and India who achieved their Phase 4 spelling certificate today (Friday 6th May).

Spelling Quiz


A big well done to Corey, Gracie, Georgia, Ellis, Mia, Milani, Evie-Mae, Andrei, Leo, William, India, Charlie, Emily and Lily who all scored 9/9 in today's spelling quiz (Friday 29th April).



Year 1 children enjoyed their first tennis lesson of the year on Tuesday afternoon (Tuesday 26th April). Here are a few action shots from the lesson.

Florence Nightingale


The children have enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale this term as part of their topic on 'Journeys'. Find out some more fascinating facts by having a look on the weblink below.

Spelling Quiz (ee/ea/e/ey/e_e/y)


A big well done to Andrei, William, Georgia, Flora, Evie-Mae, Kay'leece, Luke, Ellis, Charlie, Mia, Emily and Lily who all scored 10/10 in today's spelling quiz (Monday 25th April).

Friday Spellings


Friday spellings will now focus on revisiting taught sounds in preparation for the Phonics Check in June. This will include alternative spelling patterns for a single sound.

Journey-Themed Spellings


A big well done to Luke, Milani, Andrei, Lily, Emily, Ellis, Charlie and Mia who all scored full marks in today's spelling quiz (Friday 22nd April).

Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

A Wildlife Journey


Year 1 enjoyed going on a wildlife journey this afternoon (Tuesday 19th April). Make sure you ask the children what they discovered.

Price Check


Mr Blake has so hard working shop-assistants in his class today (Monday 18th April 2016). The team were about to calculate new prices by adding and taking-away.


Spelling Quiz (prefix un-)


A big well done to Mason, Lily, Evie-Mae, Georgia, India, Ellis, Charlie, Mia, Milani and Andrei who all scored 12/12 in today's spelling quiz (Monday 18th April).

Active Learn


A big well done to Ellis and Georgia who have both now completed Y1 Active Learn Games.

Phonics Whole Class Lesson


Here are a few action shots from our whole class phonics lesson on Thursday 14th April. The children enjoyed all the activities were able to employ many of the skills they have developed this year independently. Keep up the hard work Y1!

Topic Homework


Year 1 are being encouraged to complete some topic homework this term. Have a look at the document below to help your child get some ideas.

Attendance Update (Monday 11th April 2016) frown


Thank you for your support with attendance this year. Year 1's attendance has now crept above 98%! Let's make sure we continue to build on this throughout the summer term.


New Topic: Journeys


Year 1 made a quick start to their new topic on Monday 11th April by enjoying solving a journey-themed maths problem. The class investigated whether the tallest Y1 child would need the biggest walking boots in the class. It was great to see so many children measuring accurately with a ruler. In the afternoon, we had a unexpected visit from a group of robots. Please let us know if you see them out and about around Eckington!



A big well done to Charlie, Emily, India, Lily, Andrei, Georgia, Flora, William, Milani and Evie-Mae who all scored 7/7 in our days of the week spelling quiz on Monday 11th April.

Phonics and Handwriting (Summer Term)


English lessons on Thursdays this terms will focus on the development of phonics and handwriting skills. The phonics sessions will focus on embedding taught sounds and developing independence at blending skills. This will be done through a variety of games and interactive activities. Phonics groups will continue on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Handwriting will be taught in two groups that meet the needs of different abilities within the class.



9:00-10:00 - Phonics whole class lesson

10:00-10:30 - Handwriting groups


Please speak to Mr Blake if you would like more information about your child's progress in these key areas.

New Topic: Journeys


Year 1 will be starting a new topic on the week commencing Monday 11th April. The title for the topic is 'Journeys'. More details will added to the 'Our Topics' page soon...

Easter Activities

Healthy Eating


Children enjoyed making dips on Tuesday 22nd March. Here are a few snaps of the children and their healthy snacks.

Y1 Library Visit


Year 1 really enjoyed their visit to the library today (Monday 21st March). The children enjoyed listening to the story 'Spider Sandwiches' and had the opportunity to take a book out on loan.

Sports Relief Maths


Year 1 enjoyed measuring the time it took to complete an abstacle course on the infant playground today (Monday 18th March). They recorded their house group's results in a table and identified who completed the course in the quickest time.

Library Visit


Year 1 are off to the library on Monday 21st March (PM). We are looking forward to listening to some food-themed storied. Please let Mr Blake know if you can volunteer for this visit (an additional two adults are needed for the visit to go ahead).

Topic Spelling Quiz


A big well done to Emily, William, Ellis, Mia, Charlie, Evie-Mae, Andrei, Georgia and India who all scored 10/10 in our food-themed spelling quiz today (Tuesday 8th March).

Active Learn


The last four Y1 Active Learn games will be set on Friday 11th March. Children who complete all the Y1 Active Learn games will receive a certificate and small prize. Well done done to all the children who have worked hard on their Active Learn homework this year!

Days of the week spellings


Year 1 have been practising days of the week and months of the year at school this week. Well done to all the children for their hard work. Special congratulations to Andrei, Georgia, Ellis, Lily, Gracie, India, Evie-Mae, Emily, Charlie, Milani and Mia who were able to spell the seven days of the week correctly in a quiz on Thursday 25th November.

New Topic: Tea, Toast and Tomato Ketchup


Year 1 will be discovering where our food comes from during this topic. The children will have opportunity to discuss their favourite foods and consider how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. There will also be opportunity for the class to try grouping different types of food, look closely at food labels and make a healthy fruit salad!


Please go to 'Our Topics' to download this term's topic map.

Woodland Walk


Year 1 had a fantastic time in Eckington Woods today (Thursday 11th Ferbruary). The children identified signs of growth on our walk. They were also able to make predictions about overnight temperatures after noticing some icy puddles. In the woods, the children enjoyed completing observational sketches, building dens and learning a new game. Many thanks for the parent volunteers who made this visit possible.

Year 1 Class Assembly


Well Year 1 for all the effort you put into getting ready for our class assembly. We hope you enjoyed the performance!

Spelling Quiz


A big well done to Evie-Mae, Andrei, Emily and Mia who can got 7/7 in our days of the week spelling quiz today. Keep working hard on these tricky spellings Y1!

Gymnastics afternoon at Eckington Comprehensive School


Year 1 have been given an opportunity to take part a P.E. festival at Eckington Comprehensive School on Thursday 4th February. The children will get changed for the festival before lunch and will eat at school as usual. We will leave Camms at 12:30pm to walk up ready for the festival. Please make sure your child will be warm and comfortable on their walk to and from Eckington Comp (e.g. trainers, P.E. trousers and coat). Please let Mr Blake know if you are able to help supervise the children.

Forecasting Friday


Year 1 had a great time today (Friday 29th January 2016) forecasting the weather. It was great to learn about how technology is used to help film weather forecasts for television. Fantastic forecasting Year 1!

Forecasting Friday


Green screen technology will be in school on Friday 29th January to give Year 1 children the opportunity to become weather presenters for the day.


Make sure you watch weather forecasts on TV this week and practise some useful phrases for your broadcast. 

Weather Watch


Year 1 have been working hard all week keeping a close eye on the weather. Friday (22nd January) was the warmest day of the week with temperatures peaking at 10oC. Our rain gauges also showed 1/2 cm of rain in the last 24 hours. Our rain gauges have been reset to measure rainfall over the weekend. Hopefully it won't be too much of a wet one!

Spelling Quiz


A big well done to Charlie, Andrei, EVie-Mae, Mia, Emily, Ellis and Georgia who all scored 7/7 in today's (Friday 22nd January). Keep up the hard work.

Library Visit


I have rescheduled this term's trip to the library to Friday 12th February. Please let me know if you can volunteer to help with this visit. At least two volunteers are needed if our library visit is to go ahead.

Balance Bikes


The children had a great afternoon today (Tuesday 19th January) developing their cycling skills. A selection of action shots will be uploaded by the end of the week.

New Topic Chosen


Year 1 were given an opportunity to choose next term's topic in class today (Tuesday 19th January). After a discussion and a vote, it was decided that 'Food' would be the focus of our topic work after half term.

Spelling Quiz


A big well done to Georgia. Andrei, Evie-Mae, Charlie, Emily, Mia, Milani, William, Freya, Ellis and Gracie who all scored full marks in their spelling quiz today (Monday 18th January). Keep up the hard work.

Weather Watch Week (Week Commencing Monday 18th January)


This week Year 1 will be paying very close attention to the weather. The children are going to record the wind direction, wind strength, rainfall, sunshine and temperature throughout the week in a table in their writing books.



A big well done to Ellis, Gracie, Evie-Mae, William. Flora, Lily, Georgia,  Charlie. Emily, Mia, Andrei and Luke who all scored 7/7 in today's (Friday 15th January 2016) spelling quiz.

Windy Weather


Year 1 enjoyed making observations about the strength of the wind today (Thursday 14th January). The children used their streamers and looked closely at the trees to make their judgement using the Beaufort Scale.

Weather Topic Spellings


A big well done to Evie-Mae, Ellis, Milani. Gracie, Mia, Andrei, Charlie and Andrei who all scored 6/6 in today's spelling quiz (Monday 11th January).

Let's go fly a kite


Year 1 enjoyed making kites this afternoon (Friday 8th January) to support our learning about the weather. The children have been asked to think about what kept their kite from falling to the ground over the weekend.



A big well done to Corey, Andrei, Milani, Emily, Lily, Evie-Mae, Mia, and Charlie who all scored 6/6 in our Phase 4 spelling quiz today (Friday 8th January).

Creating Streamers


Year 1 created their own streamers today (Wednesday 6th January). We are going to use them to help us observe the weather during our 'Weather Watch' week later this term.

Spelling Quiz


The children all had a good try with in their spelling quiz on Monday 4th January (numbers to 20). Well done to William, Georgia,  Mia, Milani, Lily, Evie-Mae, Charlie, Andrei and Emily who all got 15 or more spellings correct.

New Topic 'Weather Experts'


Children in Year 1 will be learning about different weather conditions during our topic next term. We will be considering how weather conditions can be observed and measured. The children will also gain experience of giving their own weather forecast in class!


The children will also be encouraged to reflect on some of the problems severe weather can cause, such as in northern England over recent days.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by the flooding.


Please download our topic map from 'Our Topics'.

Christmas Fair


Well done Year 1 for raising £93.95 by selling tags, cards and craft owls at the Christmas Fair. £40 will be used to contribute towards to the cost of booking Bob Morley and his feathered friends earlier in the year. Year 1 will decide after the holidays how to spend the remaining £53.95. Thank you for your support!

Tuesday 15th December


Wow, what a day! Christmas cards, a rocket launch, space themed models, space station role play, snowmen craft and an after school party. I hope you enjoyed it Year 1!



A big well done to India, Ellis, Mia, Lily, Emily, Evie-Mae and Charlie who were all able to correctly spell numbers 1-10 in today's spelling quiz (Monday 14th December). 

Calendar Artwork


Today we created some artwork inspired by the artist Patrick Heron. Well done children for working so hard on your designs.

Infant Nativity


We are looking forward to our nativity performances this week. We hope you can come along to support us (Thurs & Fri). The gates will be open from 1:30 pm at the earliest. We will aim to start our nativity performance at 2pm. See you there!

Christmas Fair


Thanks you ever so much for your support with the Christmas Fair. A special mention must go to the three parents who played a major part in enabling us to be ready on time. We have some gift tags and cards left over. These will be available outside the classroom at discounted prices! So far we have raised an impressive £85.55.  

Woodland Ramble (Term 2)


Year 1 had a fantastic time in the woods on Thursday 26th November. We discussed seasonal changes, estimated and measured the length of a log, made a house for a mouse and created pictures on the school playground using things we had collected on our walk.



Miss Innes (BA student) did some work with the children on friendship on Thursday 19th November. The class were able to identify positive choices and make suggestions about how to be a good friend. Impressively, their work was also proudly on display by the end of the day!

To Infinity and Beyond


The Y1 children voted on Friday 20th November to turn their roleplay area into an international space station! Feel free to get creative and make some props for the area to support this term's topic 'Sparkle and Shine' at home. Those children who have siblings in Key Stage 2 are likely to be looking forward to such a topic based challenge!

Phonics Groups


We now have three different phonics groups in Year 1 (Eagle Owls, Tawny Owls and Barn Owls). This change was made because of a group of children demonstrated their readiness to begin Phase 5. Please speak to Mr Blake if you would like to know more about how to support your child's progression in phonics at home. Please also check out the Y1 'Parent Phonics Info' page.

Library Visit


Y1 enjoyed an afternoon trip to the library today (Tuesday 17th November). We loved looking at two books linked to our current topic, 'Sparkle and Shine'. We also had time to have a go at a light-themed quiz in teams and choose a book to look at with our friends. Those children who brought in their library cards today were able to take a book out on loan.

Children in Need


Thank you for all your support in raising money for Children in Need today.




On Monday 9th November we enjoyed making two digit numbers using straws to further develop our understanding of tens and units. Please challenge us to see if we can correctly identify the tens and the units in any two digit number at home! On Thursday 19th November we worked hard on comparing, estimating and measuring activities. Check out some of the children's fantastic work below.

Book Day in Y1

Spelling Quiz


Well done to Milani, Mia, William, Georgia, Flora, Emily, Lily, Charlie, Evie-Mae, Andrei,  Freya, Ellis and India who all scored 6/6 in today's (Friday 6th November) spelling quiz (Phase 3 tricky words). Keep up the hard work!

Mr Blake's Reading Pyramids


Have a go at reading the words on each pyramid to see how your learning is progressing within Phase 3. Make sure you also read the monster's nonsense word on each pyramid.

Volunteers Needed


Please let Mr Blake if you can help with this term's trip to the library  (Tuesday 17th November, PM) and woodland ramble (Thursday 26th November, AM).

Gigantic Journeys


Our Book Week this year takes place on the week commencing Monday 2nd November. Year 1 will conclude last term's topic on animals by looking at two stories containing gigantic journeys. See Our Topics for more details.

Library Visit


Today (Thursday 22nd October) Year 1 went to the library. We enjoyed some fantastic animal stories and played a group game. Those of us with library cards were able to take out a book on loan.

The Owl Experience


Year 1 had a fantastic time today (Wednesday 21st October) learning about owls. A big thank you to Bob Morley for bringing in his owls to show us. Make sure you share a few owl facts at home children!

Y1 Centre for Sealife


Can you tell how proud we are of our aquariums? A big thank you to Mrs Kerry for all your hard work this term.

Home Learning Resources


All of Y1 have been given a one hundred square and a sound chart to use at home. These resources will help the children to reinforce their knowledge of different sounds and develop counting and number recognition skills. Well done to Lily who has already made her own one hundred square!

Making Aquariums with Mrs Kerry


Year 1 had great fun today (Tuesday 13th October) making aquariums! Make sure you visit our class page later this week to see the finished results. 

Croft Veterinary Centre


A big thank you to Croft Veterinary Centre for paying a visit to Year 1 this morning (Monday 12th October). The children were able to answer questions about the differences between animals and enjoyed discussing how to look after pets. The PowePoint from the session can be downloaded and shared at home.



A big well done to India, Gracie, Emily, Milani, Luke, William, Mia, Evie-Mae, Charlie, Andrei and Emma who all scored 6/6 in today's (Friday 9th October) spelling quiz.

Phase 2 Spellings


Children had an additional spelling quiz today (Monday 5th October) to assess their confidence with Phase 2 spellings (see PDF on the homework page). A big well done to Emily, Andrei and Evie-Mae who all scored 31/31. These children will receive a Phase 2 spelling certificate this week. 

Owl Experience Coming Soon


Year 1 children will have the opportunity to learn more about owls on Wednesday 21st October. Bob Morley from the Owl Experience is bringing in some owls to show the children. Year 1 will be fundraising towards the cost of this visit at the Christmas Fair for our first enterprise project of the year. Click on the link below to see Bob's owls in action!

Observational Drawing in the Wildlife Area


Y1 enjoyed learning more about different habitats by completing an observational drawing in the school wildlife area this afternoon (Friday 2nd October). Mr Blake thought it was a good opportunity to get outside with the weather due to change next week. We hope you enjoy these action shots.

Volunteer Readers


A big thank you to the parents that expressed an interest in volunteering to hear children read. Please come into class each Monday morning to sign up for an available slot (see PDF document below). smiley



A big well done to Georgia, Mia, Evie-Mae and Charlie who all scored an impressive 6/6 in our woodland walk spelling quiz this morning (Monday 28th September). These children correctly spelt the following words: tree, wood, bird, leaf and ant.

Woodland Ramble (Term 1)


Year 1 had a fantastic time today (Thursday 24th September) on their autumn ramble. The children gained experience of pretending to be wood mice and enjoyed discussing what animals in the woods they would like to avoid (predators). The children also noticed signs of the seasons changing, and collected different colours and shades of leaf on the forest floor. Well done to Andrei for winning the biggest leaf competition. Thank you to all the parent volunteers who made this outing possible. Thanks also to Mr Wall for extending Mr Blake's knowledge of the local area.

Y1 Autumn Term Displays

+++++ Archived 2014 - 2015 +++++

Eureka Visit


Year 1 had a brilliant day at Eureka, the national children's museum on Tuesday 7th July. The children enjoyed finding out lots of fascinating facts out about the body and exploring the fantastic role-play areas. A big thank you to all the volunteers who made the trip possible. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Our trip to Eureka museum.

Children in Y1 had a great time on Wednesday 1st July developing their circus skills. Check out the action in the slideshow below!

Bird Watching


Members of Year 1 enjoyed a spot of bird watching in our new wildlife area created by Mr Wall on Wednesday 24th June. Some children also enjoyed tackling some tricky bird-related maths problems too!

Sports Day Maths


Members of Year 1 enjoyed a Sports Day themed maths lesson on Friday 19th June. The children helped time each other complete a simple obstacle course on the infant playground. The group were able to work out who completed the course in the quickest time by looking at a table of results. 

Weather Experts


This year we have enjoyed developing our expertise about the weather. One of our favourite activities as part of this topic was making kites and flying them on the school field. We really enjoyed discussing what keeps kites from falling to ground. We were also able to give examples of what damage the wind can cause. Check out our photos on the slideshow below.