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Year 1 - Mrs Lilley

Phonics bingo - a simple game to make and play

Phonics bingo - a simple game to make and play 1

If you fancy doing a bit of RE over the holidays here is the Easter stry and some questions

A lovely Easter wreath to make at home. Simple but effective

A lovely Easter wreath to make at home. Simple but effective  1

An Easter chick - made with a fork rather than a paintbrush

An Easter chick - made with a fork rather than a paintbrush 1



9AM Why not start the day with a bit of exercise to get the heart pumping and burn of excess              energy? 'Go noodle' is fab for this or try PE with JO Wickes on 'Youtube' for a 30                      minute family friendly workout.


9:30 Work on some basic maths skills [ see activities below]


10am Time for a healthy snack and drink


10:30 Read some books together/ or ask your child to read their reading book. It can be a                        storybook,  poetry book  or information book. 


11am: Practice basic Writing skills linked to one of the books you read [See activities below]


11:30 Practice some phonics or spelling  [see activities below]


12:00 Lunchtime 


1pm: Let them be kids!

        After a morning of hardwork the children will need time to chill out [and so will you!] 

        I'm sure they have their own favourite activities but here are a few ideas:


 Help in the garden

        Sports outside - trampolining, scootering, skipping, dancing etc

         Drawing, painting, craft - could link to Spring, Easter or even the books you read earlier.                 There's lots of ideas online eg pinterest, Twinkl, activity village 

         Have a family games afternoon, dust off the board games and let the competition begin



         Lego buiding [or any other construction kit] again this could link to a book read eg a castle          for Winnie the witch or van for Postman Pat or a fairground

        Junk modelling - The children love using recycled boxes and tubes to create anything!

        Cutting and sticking - a skill that is a challenge for a few of our children so keep practicing. 

        Read a magazine, comic and draw the characters

        TV/ Tablet [1 hour]



Literacy home learning

1 hour of PE everyday

1 hour of PE everyday 1

Indoor scavenger hunt

Indoor scavenger hunt 1

A suggested Year 1 timetable

For those of you are self-isolating, we send you our best wishes and hope you are all ok.  In class we are finding out about Spring. We have been reading 'The very hungry caterpillar', finding out about healthy / unhealthy food and where food comes from.  Next week we will be thinking about Easter and new life. We will talk about the life cycle of animals and plants eg from egg - chick, seed - carrot.  There are lots of Easter resources on 'Twinkl', just create an account and use the code 'UKTWINKLHELPS' for free access to all the resources.

Please also remember to keep the phonics ticking over too. Reception are working at phase 2 and 3, Year 1 are working at pahse 3-5. 'phonics play' is great for this and although it does cost to subscribe, there are some free online resources.


Useful websites for home-learning


I am sending home extra reading books for the children to continue their daily reading. Please read  as often as possible. Read anything! If you have access to the internet google free eBooks [eg oxford owl], make your own books using the words on the purple cards. 

Can the children learn to spell the words/ sounds on their purple cards if they have them - ask them about 'look, cover, write, check'. 

Play board games eg 'frustration', 'snakes and ladders' - brilliant for counting on and number recognition. 

All the children have been sent home with a plain book. Please use it to draw pictures/ write about anything that interests you - could be written  as a  diary  or write stories, poems, information - it's up to them!. 

Youtube is a fab resource for learning new letters - google 'Geraldine giraffe', 'Mr Thorne does phonics' or 'Jack Harman songs'. There are also some wonderful songs to encourage counting in ones, twos , learning shape names and maths language.

The children have enjoyed watching numberblocks and alphablocks and these programmes really reinforce all that we have been doing at school.


Now is the perfect opportunity to do all the activities we usually don't have time for at home like baking, painting, junk modelling, dancing [gonoodle is good for this], 


Useful Websites


This is a list of other websites that you may find helpful in supporting your child's learning at home.


Collective Worship

- Fischy Assembly - Tune in on a Monday at 11am for a streamed assembly from the Fischy Team!

- Fischy Music - Sing the songs we are learning in Collective Worship. There are also some new ones to learn. Login Details: Username       Eckington           Password    (ECKINGTON!)

- Picture News - A weekly assembly from the picture news team.



- Classroom Secrets - Free home learning packs have been made available on this website.

- Twinkl - Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS for free home learning resources.

- TTS - Free activity packs available to download.



- KS1 English Bitesize -A website that focusses on key aspects on the KS1 English curriculum. There are lots of engaging clips and activities to help develop children's confidence in this subject.

- Phonics Play -All games on this website have been made available for free and will help children to develop and secure their phonic and spelling knowledge.

- Phonics Bloom - A further site with lots of fantastic phonics games to play.

- Oxford Owl - A fantastic website which includes a selection of e-books (age/reading level) and activities. Register for free.



- KS1 Maths Bitesize - A fun and interactive website which helps children to develop and embed their understanding of the KS1 maths curriculum. 

- The Maths Factor - The maths factor created by Carol Vorderman has now be made available for free.

- Save the Whale Number Bonds - A fun game to help develop greater recall of number bonds.

- Duck Shoot Multiples - A fair ground style game to develop confidence with times tables.



- KS1 Science Bitesize - A brilliant website to develop knowledge understanding of key aspects of the KS1 science curriculum.



- Out of the Ark - A range of songs to learn at home using this resource from Out of the Ark (the company we use for our KS1 nativity plays).

- Fischy Tunes - A website delveloped by Fischy Music. Children reflect on their feelings by selecting an emoji before learning a song.



- PE with Joe Wicks - A half an hour P.E. lesson at the start of the day to get you up, moving and feeling fit.


Young Leaders 

- Young Leaders Award - Free resources for both KS1 and KS2 with an emphasis on making a difference.