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Worried About Things?

Worried About Things?


Worried about how to explain things to the children?  Worried yourself about what's happening?  Concerned that all the news seems to give us is doom and gloom?


This page is designed to give you some resources to speak to and use with the children, and also some pages that have been forwarded to me by various outside agencies as a means of support.


I will also put some generally happy meme-type things on here that appeal to me and my unique take on the world.


You might be like me and think that you are the only one following the rules!  That it's some sort of prolonged April Fool's joke and everyone else is carrying on as normal, whilst you are stuck inside!  


Remember:  Being in this together, means getting through it together.  


We ALL need to follow the rules and at the end of this we all need to be able to hold our heads up high and say 'I DID MY BIT!'

Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus.

Coronavirus by Axel Sheffler and Julie Donaldson - Social distancing on a broom!!



Corona Virus Video Links


These are links that might help you explain the whole situation to your child.


They vary in length, complexity and style.


Please watch these BEFORE showing the to the children just to make sure that they are suitable to your little one.


Coronavirus as explained by Playmobil People! 


An NHS One


Peekaboo Kids


Information from Derbyshire County Council


This one's definitely for grown-ups!




This is a Government site with some really useful ideas about home learning and how you can make it work.


It's very similar to the newsletters we have posted, but has some fancy pictures too.

Trusted Adult Information from Derbyshire Police

Message to Schools From The Derbyshire Constabulary


Dear Head teacher/ Safeguarding Lead,


You will be acutely aware that since the introduction of the current movement restrictions, and temporary school closures, children and young people do not have the usual methods of communication with trusted adults and school staff.  We acknowledge that many schools in Derbyshire are open to pupils of key workers and for vulnerable children and young people as currently defined by the Department of Education.  We know that schools are doing their best to encourage ongoing communication with parents/carers and their families and especially with those pupils who are not going into school and who do fit this definition.    


Derbyshire Constabulary has seen a noticeable decline in the numbers of child safeguarding referrals in general, which is also a concern shared by other police forces. There are real and obvious concerns that the abuse of children may now be going unnoticed and children may be caught in vulnerable situations with the uncertainty of not knowing who to turn to for help.


Please use your usual safeguarding procedures and report any concerns in the usual way.   The Derby City and Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Partnership, has all the information you need and can assist you during these unprecedented times:


Additionally, there are very useful resources collated on the Safer Derbyshire website on domestic abuse:


I appreciate that many of you will already be making great efforts to address these issues and the messages below are purely meant as another avenue for us all to ensure that the most vulnerable have every opportunity to be supported.


To that end, we have produced some messages for both children, parents and carers in the hope that it will reach those that need help and advise them how they can share their concerns.

During this uncertain time, schools remain a crucial source of contact with parents / carers and their families and I come to you, requesting your assistance in getting these messages out via any method you feel would be suitable. This would be greatly appreciated as a partner agency working together to keep children and young people safe and feeling protected.


I have included some ideas for these messages below.  For younger children, we have developed a story board which can be coloured in.  


Thanks for your help!

When you think you're not up to the task; remember these profound words...