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With anxiety levels being sky high, here's a few things you can do both alone and with your children to calm the chaos:⁣⁣
1. Do something kind for someone else 💜 - no matter what, kindness will always make you feel better⁣⁣!
2. Avoid over reading the news 📰 - at a time like this, you might have noticed your thoughts can quickly spiral out of control. Keep up to date but don't overwhelm, you'd be surprised how much the children are listening to in the background!
3. Close your eyes and create a happy place 👀 - take your mind back to a time where you felt happy, peaceful and calm. Experience those moments once again and ground yourself by noticing the smells and sounds that you experienced at that time.⁣⁣
4. Keep calm and remember, the storm won't last forever 🌪️ - keep reminding yourself that it won't last forever but the impact on your mind and body might - prioritise self care⁣⁣!
5. Be grateful 🌈 - use this as a reminder that even though you may complain, you feel grateful, the fact you have your family, that you can go out and feel free, that your worries are limited. Each time you feel anxious, say out loud, one thing you're thankful for!⁣⁣
6. Take deep breaths 🧘🏼‍♀️ - deep breaths activate your nervous system  and reduce your stress responses - scientific fact! ⁣⁣
Stay safe and stay strong 💜⁣⁣
credit: @youngmindfulness ⁣⁣

Positive Things About Me - Great for Self-Esteem!

Every day at 9am Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) is doing a PE lesson live stream via YouTube - I will be doing this daily and would love for you to join me from home.

Parents - if you would like to take a short video your children we can get some posted on the website!