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Stars of the Past

Our wonderful 'presentation' stars! 27/9/19

Our wonderful stars for this week 27/9/19

Fantastic 'Stars of the week' 10/9/19

Tremendous TT Rockstars

Well done those completing their reading passport over the holidays!

Well done to our first Stars of the new year!

Well done to these children who showed us their beautiful presentation and handwriting

2018 - 2019 Stars of the Week

These children have been producing some beautiful work this week. Well done all!

Well done our stars for this week 5/7/19

Well done to our football team, placed 3rd at a tournament of 9 local schools

TT Rockstars for the end of June

Well done our Stars for this week 28/6/19

Beautiful presentation

Well done fantastic stars this week 14/6/19

TT Rockstar champions

Well done to our stars for this week 7/6/19

Super TT Rockstar champions

Our final stars of this term 24/5/19

Wonderful stars for this week; 17/5/19

Superb presentation stars

Wonderful stars for 10/5/19

Beautiful presentation!

Our wonderful stars for 3.5.19

The presentation of our work just keeps getting better!

Our final stars for this term

Times tablers of the week 5/4/19

Presentation stars 5/4/19

Fabulous stars for 5/4/19

Stars of the Week 29-3-19

Presentation Stars 29-3-19

Times Tablers of the Week 29-3-19

Our fabulous Stars 22/3/19. We are very proud of you!

Stars for the Week (15/3/19)

Super stars this week!

Stars for week 25/2. First week back and setting a brilliant example.

Our final STARS of this term. Well done!

Our fantastic stars this week. Superb reading, amazing attitudes, fab maths, all whilst being smiley!

Our Wonderful stars this week 1/2/19

Stars of the Week 25-1-19

Second Week Stars w/c 14/1/19

Our first STARS for 2019.

A whole host of stars this week [we had a double celebration]

Well done to our stars for this week 7/12/18

Our Superstars for 30/11/18

First Stars Assembly for Term 2 - Well done all!

Our final stars of this term

Our lovely stars for the week of 14th October

Shining brightly for the week of the 8th October are...

Our lovely stars for 5/10/18

Sept 28th - Shining Stars

Week of the 21st Sept! Well done to all!

Our first Stars of the new school year. Well done, what a brilliant start!

2017 - 2018 Stars of the Week

Our fab stars 29/6/18

Stars of the Week 15th June

Our final 'Stars' of May...

Stars of the Week - 18/5/18. Lots of whole-class ones and few absences!

Stars of the Week 11-5-18

Well done our first Stars of May!

Another set of superstars!! 27th April...

Our lovely stars!!!

New Term; New Stars; Same Brilliance!

Stars of the Week 23th of March 2018

Stars for 16th March! Well done all!

Stars for 9th March

Stars of the week 16th February

Stars of the week 9th of February.

Our first February Stars!!

Belated Stars of the week wc: 22nd January 2018

Stars of the week for 10/12/17. Well done to you all!!

Our first stars of December...

Shining stars for 24/11/17

17th November stars...

More stars ... Friday 10th November

New term, new STARS! Well done to all....

Last Stars of the Term - Well Done!

More amazing children - Week 5 Stars!!

Week 4 - more fabulous stars!

Week 3 stars - A big well done!

Week 2 - More stars

New Year: New Stars: Same Fab Attitude!!

First Stars of the 2017-18 Year

Our final 'Stars' for this academic year

Stars for this week

Our 'STARS' 16/6/17

Star of the Week 9-6-17

Star of the week 19th May

Stars of the week for 12th May

Stars for the first week of May

Our Stars 28th April

Star of the Week 31st March

Stars of the Week 24th March (Comic Relief non-uniform day!)

Stars for this week! 6th March

Star of the week 3rd February

Stars of the Week - 23rd Jan - Maths, reading, phonics, progress, attainment, effort; all of our children are great!!

Stars of this week - w/c 16th Jan 2017

Stars of the first full week back! Well Done!

Well done to this week's Stars!!

Stars of the Week - 18/11/16

Stars of the Week 4/11/16 (slight change of format due to camera difficulties!)

Stars of the week 21/10/16

Stars of the week 14/10/16

Stars of the Week - 7/10/16 - Well done all.

Star of the Week - pictures thanks to Daisy and Millie (Digital Leaders)

Friday Again?? Must be Star of the Week time. w/e 23/9/16

NEW YEAR and some New Stars! w/e 16th Sept 2016

Stars of the Week - 8/7/16 (Thanks to Ella, Elise and Amelie for the photos!)

Stars of the Week 1-7-2016

Stars of the Week - 20/6/16


Unfortunately due to technical problems, the photographs of the children have become corrupt.  However, the stars are:


Logan and Olivia


Maisie and Lily


Zak and Tyler


Arvie and  Reuben


Miruna and Ruby


Maddison and Ryan


Hannah and Coen


Well done to them all!

Stars of the Week 20/05/16

Stars of the Week 13/05/16

Stars of the Week 06/05/16

More Stars! W/e 29th April

Stars of the Week ending 22nd April

Stars of the Week 15.04.16

Stars of the Week - 11th March 2016

Stars of the Week - 04/03/16

Stars of the Week - 26.02.16

Stars of the Week - 12.02.16

Stars of the Week - 5th Feb 2016

Stars of the Week 22nd Jan 2016

Star of the Week 15th January 2016

Stars of the Week - 8th Jan 2016. New Year; New Stars!

Stars of the Week - w/c 7th Dec

Stars of the Week 20/11/15

Stars of the Week 13/11/15

Stars of the Week - 06/11/15

Stars of the Week - 15/10/15

Stars of the Week - 9/10/15

Star of the week 2/10/15

Stars of the Week - 25th September

First week stars!!

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Stars of the Week - 17th July

Stars of the Week 18/6/15

Stars of the Week 12/6/15

Star of the Week 5/6/15