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School Council

The school council is made up of a girl and a boy from Rec to Y6. The pupils were voted for by their classmates, not as a popularity contest, but through the children deciding who would best represent them in the meetings.


The council has a Y6 Chairperson who brings the meeting to order, guides the agenda items and ensures everyone has a fair say, and also a Secretary who takes notes at the meetings.


They discuss ways of improving the school, tackle issues that are important to the children and look at ways of making the school a better place . 


After each meeting, the notes are typed up (with help from Mr C) and given to the Chairperson.  He/she will then copy them and make sure each class has them ready for next time.


Mr C will endeavour to post the minutes on-line to further help you understand how it works.


As a Council, they are still getting to grips with the whole process and ideas, but as the year progresses, hopefully they will all get better at it!

Remembrance thoughts from the School Council