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This week we have been finding out about Superheroes. We have had lots of fun!

We dressed up in capes!
We made superhero potions.
We planned and built traps to catch the baddies!
We made Superhero masks
We did some superhero maths
We put the numbers in order to crack the code.
Your child has brought home a yes/ no card that they have made themselves. Please use it to play the yes/ no game. Ask them silly questions eg is the sky purple? Do you like brussel sprouts? Can you fly like Superman? etc. The children show you yes or no

More photos of our first week at school. The children have been a pleasure to teach!

The Reception children have settled in beautifully. We have all been busy getting to know each other through play.

Our topic for the next 2 weeks is 'Amazing us!' followed by 'Superheroes'. Click the links below to see what we will be doing...


Class Teachers : Mrs Rachael Eyre/ Mrs Jill Welsh

Teaching Assistants : Mrs Rotherham and Mrs Fawcett

Number of children : 30

Reception routine and curriculum

In Reception class we have lots of opportunities to learn through play. We love to make things, build, play games and pretend! We have Literacy and Numeracy lessons where we learn to read, write, and find out about numbers, shapes and measurement. Through our Topic work we investigate, explore and create. We also learn how to be good friends and helpful members of the class.


This takes place any day of the week. I need a named t-shirt and shorts in a bag. This can be left on my peg for half a term so I don’t forget it.

Topics for this Term:



Harvest Festival





We will be given reading books and words to learn at home. I need to practice these for a few minutes every night.

Thank you for your support


We had a great time at Whitepost farm. The sun shone and the children behaved beautifully.

Linda Southwell brought in her potters wheel and we all had a go.

Our topic over the next few weeks is 'Sunshine and holidays'.See below forour topic plan;

To encourage independence and extend the children's learning, we have introduced 'Challenge' books. The children are given 4 challenges to complete over the week. They earn stamps on their 'bronze award' for every challenge completed. When they have 50 stamps they receive a 'bronze award' wristband from Mr Cocking.

We have been finding out about caterpillars...

We are making a hungry caterpillar game.
Look at this beetle we found on our nature walk.
We built dens and hideouts to spy on minibeasts.
We crawled like caterpillars...
And curled up in a cocoon
We flew like butterflies.
We built shades.
We palnted plants for the caterpillars to eat.
We hunted in the sand for creepy crawlies.
We painted 'symmetrical' butterflies
Caterpillars in a cocoon.

We are finding out about the creatures that live around us. This topic was sparked by the children's questions.

Paul from Chesterfield tennis club will be teaching us tennis skills for the next few weeks.

Graham from 'Forest schools' came to visit us and we made habitats for our 'Toblers'. We collected natural items to build them a shelter and gave them names.

We have been having a great time learning outside.

This weeks topic is 'out and about'. We are finding out what is around Eckington, following maps, looking at a globe of the Earth and thinking about other planets.

World Book day!

We hope you enjoyed our class assembly about Winter and Spring.

On Monday 'Take a hint' Theatre Company visited us and performed 3 short plays incorporating maths too.

The 'balance bike festival' at Eckington Secondary School

Don't forget the children will need sportswear [shorts or jogging bottoms, trainers or pumps] on Thursday as we head up to Eckington Secondary for a bike riding festival. Please let me know if you are able to help. Children will also need a bottle of water.

We have been finding out about building materials.

We made dens
We made a volcano erupt!
The wise man built his house on the rock song
We told 'The 3 little pigs' story
We explored huffing and puffing to make boats move
We used a hairdryer to make strong wind
We built houses of straw
We made plans
We explored texture by doing rubbings
We built structures
We estimated bricks and then counted
We sorted bricks into groups
We compared towers
We followed a map to find different materials
We printed using different shaped bricks

We are finding out about different building materials. Here is a copy of our topic plan.

We are thinking about times of day including day and night. and made clocks. We explored light and dark, cogs to make the clocks turn, the moon and planets.

We looked at how clocks work using cogs.
We made night time pictures.
We talked about different times of day eg luchtime
We made dark tunnels for the remote control cars
What would it be like to visit to visit the moon?
We looked for dark places
Candle wax resist pictures
We thought about what we do at different times

Words are everywhere! We made signs, notices, labels, shopping lists and followed a recipe to make jam tarts.

Our topic this week is all about words everywhere. Can you spot labels, notices, signs, information when you are out and about?

Today [Tuesday] we had training on the balance bikes. It was great fun!

Our Winter topic work

We danced like snowflakes.
We moved gracefully.
White scarves were snowballs
We practised throwing and catching.
We made snowflakes
We made transport for the snow.
A log was blocking the road in small world.
We drew winter pictures.
We played Winter games like dress the teddy in ICT
We made  a sledge from crates.
We looked at snowy countries in brochures.
Our Winter display.
We made Snowflakes.
How could you travel in snow?
We made a dark den...
And used torches to create light.
We looked for shiny things in the sand.
We made snow prints.
We made snow prints.
We looked at nature in Winter.
We went for an ice hunt.
Winter frost
We made snowy playdough.
We made snowflakes.
We made shiny, icy pictures.
We used the computers to make winter pictures.

Welcome back and Happy new year. I hope you have all had a super Christmas. The children have settled well in their first week back and are keen to learn. Our topic for this week and next is 'Winter' and the children are all desperate to see some 'white stuff'. Here is a topic plan of the things we will be doing over the next week. Please feel free to send in anything that may complement our topic work.

Our 'little Nativity'

Technology - Wonderful Wheels!

Controlling our remote control cars.
Building wheeled toys.
Our finished wheeled toy models.
Using wheeled toys outside.
We made junk model wheeled toys.
We had a go at using a saw to cut wood for an axle
Our finished models, ready for painting.
Emergency role play
Using cogs to make wheels that connect to turn.
Drawing wheeled vehicles.
We made ramps for our wheeled toys.

Here is an overview ofnext weeks topic:

We need boxes of all shapes and sizes for junk modelling on Thursday and Friday please. Cereal boxes are great [and any others you may have]. We will be recycling them into moving toys.

Book day! Don't we look great?

Don't forget to dress up as your favourite storybook character on Friday.

We have had a magical first week back!

Potion making outside.
Let's getting messy.
We followed magic spells.
Put in the correct ingredients.
WE made magic wands.
We drew our favourite storybook characters.
We made up stories.
We made fairytale castles.
I'm he King of the castle!
We made magic shape pictures.
We read our favourite books.
Thanks to the Parents who came to the Reading meeting today. I hope you found it useful. Please remember staff are always happy to answer any questions. If you were unable to attend, handouts have been sent home with your child. 

This week we have been finding out about the changes that happen in Autumn.

We went on a walk in the woods.
We looked for signs of Autumn.
We found blackberries.
Look at the beautiful colours.
Fun with sycamore seeds.
We brought back lots of things to investigate.
We read the little red hen and baked bread.
We made windmills.
We threaded leaves.
We made leaf prints

We have been finding out 'why do we have ears?'

Make sure you give her some ears.
Wewrote a class sound poem.
We talked about why our ears ars important.
We painted pictures of noisy things.
We investigated how sound travels.
We made yogurt pot telephones.
Can you hear me?
We made rabbits with big ears.
Their earskeep them safe.
We made up a rabbit dance.
We even ate carrots like a rabbit!
We played sound games on the computer.
Their are lots of noises in the kitchen....
and in space...
and the building site!
We built quiet spaces.

We will be going on our Autumn walk on Thursday 15th October. Please remember to send your child in old shoes or wellies and a waterproof coat. More helpers needed to come with us please.

Some of our wonderful models!

Reading meeting

Mrs Gratton wins a wedding on Peak FM!!!!

Information about Early years Education

Reception Class have made a super start to school life

+++++ Archived 2014 - 2015 +++++

Thankyou so much for all the lovely cards and gifts. It has been a pleasure teaching your children. We had a lovely end to the week eating home-made lollipops! Have a super Summer

We have been finding out about 'Healthy Living' this week. Here are our rules for staying healthy: Eat fruit and vegetables

              Drink plenty of water

              Get lots of exercise

              Brush your teeth twice a day

              Wash your hands with soap

              Get a good night's sleep

Fun in the Sun!!

We have been very lucky with the weather this week. Not only did we have a great adventure down in the woods but we have been able to enjoy the sunshine in our playground...

Model building
den building
Sanding and painting a pallet for outdoor kitchen
The children wanted to make an icecream shop
I'm forever blowing bubbles

We're going on a lion hunt...

Off we go!
Can you see any lions?
Tracks! But who do they belong to?
Could that be a lion's den?
Keep looking!
Is that a lion's Paw?
What's that noise? Phew just a waterfall!
Yikes brown fur!
More tracks!
It's big, brown and furry with a wet nose!!

Are there lions in Eckington woods....?

Painting handprint lions.
Writing - How to spot a lion!
There might be giraffes!

We are really looking forward to our walk in the woods on Tuesday. We are going to become explorers looking for lions! We need some grown up explorers to accompany us. If you are able to spare some time we would be very grateful. We will leave at 9am and return no later than 10:30am  

We also need some kitchen rolls so that we can make binoculars on Monday. Please send in as many as you have. Thankyou

Race for life!

We're off!
Refreshment stop!
A well deserved chill out!
We are all winners

The storyteller Tony Wilson came to visit us on Tuesday. He used rhymes and songs to help tell a story. It was great!

Do you have a pet you could bring in to show? This week we will be visited by cats, dogs and gerbils. The children have been finding out about different pets and first hand experience is so valuable!! Please speak to a member of staff if you feel you could contribute. Thanks also to parents and children who have brought in photos of pets. The children have loved talking about their pets. Photos will be displayed in the 'vets' . Please feel free to keep sending your photos in. 
Next week we will be changing our role play area into a petshop/vets. We would be grateful for any pet equipment eg toys, feeding equipment, lead, cage etc to enhance our play. If children would like to bring in photos of their own pets, we will have the opportunity to look at them together. Please ensure anything you need returning is named. Thankyou 

Paul Hatton from the Chesterfield Tennis Club is coaching us at tennis.

Would you please ensure that your child has their PE kits [just black shorts and white t-shirt is fine] is in school at all times. Also ear-rings must be removed on PE days [usually Tuesday and Friday]. Recently pierced ears must be covered with tape to be provided by Parents please. Next week we look forward to tennis training. Paul Hatton from Chesterfield tennis club will be teaching us tennis skills for the next 10 weeks.

We had a science day on Tuesday!

We tried to make the rice jump using vibrations.
We made our own telephones.
We made our own maracas!
Which filling would make the best sound?
Our finished maracas!
Sound travels staright from our mouths to our ears
We played listening games like Chinese whispers

Outdoor Learning! Please provide a sun hat and waterproof coat so that we can go outside in all weather.

Making a 'Herbivore car!'
Snack time!
threading and knotting.
Ordering numbers.
Who wants a ride on our home-made pull along toy?
Building a giant's bed.
Springtime planting.
Writing the register.
Helping a friend.
Hoola hooping!
Mark-making outside.
Exploring the sand.
Helping to tidy up.

Happy Easter!

Don't we look great in our Easter bonnets?
Well done Jaydan.
At the Easter service in Church.
We baked Chocolate Crispies.
Yum Yum!
Finished Easter baskets.
We decorated, cut and helped stick them together.
We made Easter Cards.
Finished cards!
Our decorated eggs.
Well done William.
Our egg hunt.
Mason found his!

Red nose day video

Still image for this video
We hope you like our video. We are making our faces funny for money!

We love our PE sessions! Please make sure a PE kit is in school

On Thursday afternoon, our class went up to Eckington Secondary for an Early Riders festival. We had a super time with 3 other schools and the older children at the Comp. Thanks to the Parents who walked the long journey with us. Here are some photos of what we got up to...