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Fancy practicing a bit of writing over the holidays? These fun activities by 'Talk for Writing' are perfect for improving those basic storytelling skills before you start in Year 1

Your child is invited to a final week get together for one afternoon to say goodbye. Please see the following document and sign up for one of the dates when you come to collect reports.

This week we are thinking about doubling and halving in maths. Try using objects from around the house to double or half eg cutting and apple in half or cutting a paper cake/ pizza in half. Relate to 2 halves equal 1 whole. When doubling see if your child can count in two's. For Literacy it would be great if we could practice writing those key words using the pirate booklet. Once your child has mastered those words try other words from their purple cards. It will really help their writing as they enter year 1. Don't forget to keep going with the activities on the 'Summer' plan and there's also lots of 2do's on purple mash!

I have added some new 2do's to keep you practising your reading, writing and maths.
I have made an animal quiz for you to name the animal - its multiple choice. I will do lots more of these with different themes. Just go to animal quiz on your 2 do's and press the green triangle to play.
2race is great fun! Can you beat me and take 1st place by answering the simple sums.
2do Create a story can be used to write a simple story, illustrate and even add animations. Click on the green triangle in the box on the program for simple instructions. Enjoy

Week beginning 22nd June.

Hi I hope you are managing to keep busy using the 'Summer' planning [ document listed further below]. Here is some extra phonics/ maths should you need it. There are copies of all documents kept in school should you wish to access printed copies of anything. Please ring school so they can be prepared for you in advance. Please also remember that reading books are ready to pick up should you wish to change them.

This weeks maths activities

It would be great if you could check off the words your child recognises by sight on the 1st 100 words word list. This will show you which words you need to keep practicing.Then move on to the next 100 words

Shadow theatre made from Lego or Duplo and a mobile phone to provide the light

Salt dough (1 cup flour, half cup salt, half cup water) hedgehog pencil holder

Cheerio bird feeder

Phonics 1

Still image for this video
An introduction to the sound ‘air’

Phonics session 2

Still image for this video
More ‘air’ activities - apologies for the singing!
Don't forget to check out the home learning photos we have been sent so far. Here's the link

A few crafty art activities that go nicely with our Summer topic (see planning below)

Our final topic in Reception class is ‘Summer’. The children have loved finding out about the seasonal changes throughout the year. And what a year it’s been! From the start of their time in ‘big school’ when they returned from their Summer holidays, watching the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees in Eckington woods, the excitement of getting the first few flakes of snow and then searching for signs of life in Spring. Now the year is almost over and we are back at Summertime. There is a wealth of learning to be had with this topic and much of it can be done outdoors in the sunshine. I have put together lots of ideas to keep you going. The order you do them may depend on the weather. Please click the link below to access all the activities. Enjoy  

A term's worth of lovely Summer activities!

The Creation

Good morning all! For this week I would love it if you could find out about 'The Creation' and 'Adam and Eve'. You can find lots of simple versions of this on YouTube. Alternatively if you have a children's bible you could read the story from there.

Here are some activities you could do afterwards:

# Talk about how Christians believe the world began, order the story and discuss the decisions made eg Eve eating the apple.

# Write a prayer thanking God for his wonderful world.

# Order the days of the week and work out what God created on each day.

# Explore 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.... Who is 1st in a family race? Who came 2nd in a board game? What did you do 1st this morning? etc

# Find out about either an animal, plant or planet that you know nothing about. There are some fab free online resources eg Chester zoo online or National Geographic kids. Draw a picture and write a sentence about. If you find out about a few things you could make them into a book for your family to read.

# Use shaving foam and green/ blue paint on a paper plate to create an earth painting [ou use different colours for other planets]

# Have a look at the stars at night. What shapes do they make? What else can you see? Create a wax resist painting [yellow or white crayon on paper to create stars and moon - very thin black or blue paint over the top]

# Practice reading and writing the names of animals and plants. Make some word cards with an animal picture on one and it's name on another, match them up and keep adding to. Can you write the words without looking - try Look, Cover, Write, Check.

# Go on an animal/ plant hunt around your home [more of this next term]. What can you see? Where are they?

Have fun!


Shaving foam Earth

Wax Resist night sky

Days of Creation Wheel

As next week is mental health week, here are some lovely ideas for you to do with your children.

Maths activities for the week.

This week  I would love it if you would spend some time playing maths games you have at home. Games such as snakes and ladders, connect 4, dominoes, snap [or any other playing card game], bingo etc are brilliant for helping with number recognition, counting amounts, counting forward and backwards, pattern -  the list is endless!

I also thought it would be great if the children could make their own maths board game and play it at home. Here are some examples...

Board game challenge

This is great exercise to do along with the children. Cosmic Yoga ( google it) is free and has sessions based around Frozen, Moana, Minecraft and Harry Potter

Are you running out of art and craft materials? At home we made a ‘socky bug’, a great opportunity to sew (but can just stuff a sock and tie or fasten with elastic bands). We made clothes for it and even a bed! We also used skittles to make paint.

Before school closed, the children were getting brilliant at taking responsibility and developing more independence. Could you give them a little role at home eg being in charge of setting the table, making their beds or helping sort the clean laundry? It's also a great time to practice those independent skills eg dressing and undressing, fastening zips and buttons and don't forget washing hands!
Hi all, hope you are all able to enjoy the sunshine. It’s good to hear that so many of you are getting outside- the fresh air and exercise is vital for our little ones. As the weather is due to break up next week why not google go noodle, Jack Hartman, supermovers or the learning station for some fab dances to keep everyone active! Enjoy
Hello everyone, hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and that you are keeping safe at home. I have been reading lots of books, sorting out my garden and enjoying the sunshine. I have also been busy planning some activities that you can do at home. The first topic is all about VE day which is coming up soon. The other plan is called 'home sweet home'. For both topics I have tried to include lots of fun things for you to do away from a screen using things that you can get around your home [hopefully]. Please try and have a little go at some of the things on each plan, choose your favourite bits!

Would love the children to develop their understanding of doubling and halving. These activities from Twinkl are lovely for this

Summer term planning

Please, please, please keep reading with your child. Read to them as much as you can - it is so important. They may want to listen to someone else reading a story too. Cbeebies has some lovely bedtime stories read by well-known people and Youtube has lots too. These sites also have free e-books and activities to help with phonics
As well as reading, try to keep the maths going too. There's plenty of practical maths included on the VE day/ Home sweet home projects above but if you need more ideas these sites are useful: 
In response to Covid 1, The Government, with the help of teachers has compiled a series of lessons led by real teachers and very easy to access [even on a mobile phone]. If you feel at any point you are just too overwhelmed to use the resources above, then please give the website below a try. Or give cbeebies a try. The children love Numberblocks and alphablocks [just google] and  are learnng whilst they watch/ play. We are also happy for you to contact us if you need anything [including emotional or practical support, resources, advice or just a chat]

Hi, hope you are all having a lovely Easter. Thankyou so much for all the super home learning photos you have sent in so far. It has been great to see you all keeping very busy. I have put the photos on our  usual class page : 

Please keep  them coming - please send to Miss you all!

Class page/  home learning

Mrs Eyre

Phonics bingo - a really simple game to make and play

If you fancy doing a bit of RE over the holidays, here is a link to the Easter story with some questions

Fork painting of an Easter chick

A lovely Easter wreath to make. Simple but effective

🌞Good morning folks, found this on another page and there are some lovely ideas!

This morning we are looking at STEM? This may be a word you hear in the school environment but what does it actually mean?? 🌞

The term stands for - 

🧪 Science
🖥 Technology 
🏗 Engineering
🎲 Maths

So why the big push for STEM?? 

🧪 As a nation, we have noticed a decline in student interest in STEM-related fields. Students aren’t introduced to these topics or they don’t have time to build competency. 

🏗 Children are less likely to be playing with science supplies and experimenting on their own time. Experiments in the backyard with wood, buckets, and cardboard just aren’t as common!

🎲 The job market for positions that require knowledge in these areas is starting to expereince a shortage. Reports and predictions show that computing jobs and traditional engineering will make up more than 85% of the job market.

So why is STEM different to a regular science or maths class?? 

🖥 The idea behind STEM is to blend the learning environment and show students that you don’t learn these topics in isolation. 

🗼 The thinking and methods involved in all of these subjects can be applied to everyday problem solving. 

🧫 Finding a unique solution to a problem is enhancing the process of becoming a more innovative thinker.

So how early should children be looking at STEM, isn’t this for older children in secondary school??

🌡 NO - Starting STEM at an earlier age helps children become aware of the different processes needed to solve problems.

🔬 It increases their interest in all of the subject areas and helps bridge their in-school and out-of-school problem-solving abilities.

🧬 It also begins to show them the possibilities for future careers.

We have some fun, simple STEM ideas you can do at home with your child, remember it’s all about having FUN, you don’t need to be a scientist, an expert in technology, an engineer, or a mathematician. 

These experiments were made by a fantastic teacher, Mrs Bothma. Please see Mrs Bothma’s Twitter page on @MrsBpriSTEM for some more amazing ideas 👍🏻👍🏻. 

Don’t worry your younger children might not understand the complexities of some of the science etc HOWEVER the most important part is it will start to engage their interest 😀. 

Try them out and let us know how you get on 🧪🧬🗼🎲🌡🏗🧫🔬📱




At home science activities

A few parents have expressed concerns that their children just want to play. That's great! It's what they would be doing at school and it is a wonderful way for them to learn alongside their favourite people - you!

Through play your wonderful children are practising skills, developing their hand/ body control, memorizing, communicating, sorting and developing ideas and language as well as being imaginative, creative and learning lots of new things. Think about how you can extend their thinking by playing with them, 

BUILDING - I know how much many of our children love building with anything from lego to sticklebricks to junk modelling. Can they design a model before building it? Get them to draw their design, label and colour it. They can then get busy creating their model and will love explaining to you how it works. Choose a vehicle or building from a favourite book or film, a trap to catch the baddie from a story or a fantasy place.

ROLE PLAY - Get tour teddies lined up and make up a story to tell them, create a shop using priced up tins out of your cupboard and some real money, or see how big you can create a new town using a train track, farmyard, and lego buildings. Use whatever you have. Add signs, direction arrows, shop signs, a car garage etc. Have a toys tea party, make invitations, decorations, party hats and plan party games.

PUZZLES AND BOARD GAMES - Have an afternoon of games, teach them a card game, do a difficult jigsaw or learn to play a new board game.


Keep the reading ticking over and don't forget purple mash - there's lots to do on there.


Keep well all and stay home

Mrs Eyre


I have added some new photos to our usual class page. It would be lovely if you could look at some of the photos on there and chat to your children about them. What can they remember from that time?



9AM Why not start the day with a bit of exercise to get the heart pumping and burn of excess              energy? 'Go noodle' is fab for this or try PE with JO Wickes on 'Youtube' for a 30 minute family friendly workout.


9:30 Work on some basic maths skills [ see activities below]


10am Time for a healthy snack and drink


10:30 Read some books together/ or ask your child to read their reading book. It can be a                        storybook,  poetry book  or information book. 


11am: Practice basic Writing skills linked to one of the books you read [See activities below]


11:30 Practice some phonics or spelling  [see activities below]


12:00 Lunchtime 


1pm: Let them be kids!

After a morning of hardwork the children will need time to chill out [and so will you!] 

I'm sure they have their own favourite activities but here are a few ideas:


 Help in the garden

        Sports outside - trampolining, scootering, skipping, dancing etc

         Drawing, painting, craft - could link to Spring, Easter or even the books you read earlier.                 There's lots of ideas online eg pinterest, Twinkl, activity village 

         Have a family games afternoon, dust off the board games and let the competition begin



         Lego buiding [or any other construction kit] again this could link to a book read eg a castle for Winnie the witch or van for Postman Pat or a fairground

Junk modelling - The children love using recycled boxes and tubes to create anything!

Cutting and sticking - a skill that is a challenge for a few of our children so keep practicing. 

Read a magazine, comic and draw the characters

TV/ Tablet [1 hour]





Print is all around so help your child to read print around the home. You could base your writing around a book you have been reading or a favourite film. There are lots of things you could help your child to write:

Signs Menus (role play café/take away)


Prescriptions (role play doctor/vet)


Order forms (role play builders)


Food orders (role play café/take away)


Stories and books










Shopping lists





Driving licences

Score sheets

An hour of PE to start the day

Indoor scavenger hunt

Yesterday in class we read the story of Noah’s ark and then painted a rainbow of hope to put in our windows at home (to spread a bit of cheer to those passing by). It would be lovely if those children unable to be with us yesterday could do the same. There are plenty of Noah’s ark stories online, look on YouTube or Twinkl. 

Phonics play (a really useful resource) is now free to subscribe to. The children are familiar with it and it is perfect for practicing reading and spelling. 


For those of you are self-isolating, we send you our best wishes and hope you are all ok.  In class we are finding out about Spring. We have been reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk', planting, drawing and labelling parts of a plant and setting up a garden centre.  Next week we will be thinking about Easter and new life. We will talk about the life cycle of animals eg from egg - chick.  There are lots of Easter resources on 'Twinkl', just create an account and use the code 'UKTWINKLHELPS' for free access to all the resources.

Please also remember to keep the phonics ticking over too. Reception are working at phase 2 and 3, Year 1 are working at pahse 3-5. 'phonics play' is great for this and although it does cost to subscribe, there are some free online resources.


As the children have made such amazing progress with their reading I am sending home extra reading books - I really don't want all their hard work to be lost! Please read  as often as possible. Read anything! If you have access to the internet google free eBooks [eg oxford owl], make your own books using the words on the purple cards. 

Can the children learn to spell the words on their purple cards - ask them about 'look, cover, write, check'. 

Play board games eg 'frustration', 'snakes and ladders' - brilliant for counting on and number recognition. 

All the children have been sent home with a plain book. Please use it to draw pictures/ write about anything that interests you - could be written  as a  diary [like the Matty monkey book we send home] . 

Youtube is a fab resource for learning new letters - google 'Geraldine giraffe', 'Mr Thorne does phonics' or 'Jack Harman songs'. There are also some wonderful songs to encourage counting in ones, twos , learning shape names and maths language.

The children have enjoyed watching numberblocks and alphablocks and these programmes really reinforce all that we have been doing at school.


Now is the perfect opportunity to do all the activities we usually don't have time for at home like baking, painting, junk modelling, dancing [gonoodle is good for this], 




100 things to do indoors