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Our new Reception children on transition day

We have been having a lovely time playing outside. We have bought some super new building equipment which the children love [see photos on the school website]

We have also been enjoying gardening, learning how to plant seeds and care for wildlife. However, we have noticed that some of our plants are attracting the bees.

We have talked about the importance of bees for pollinating fruit and veg and also making honey. We all agreed that we must take care of bees and also keep ourselves safe around them. The children have decided that they don’t want to get rid of the ‘bee attracting’ plants and are keen to learn more about them. They have helped plan some activities based around bees [eg drawing and making models of hives and cooking with honey]

As far as we know, no-one in our class has a bee sting allergy, please tell us asap if your child has had an allergic reaction to bees.






Maypole dancing

We have lots of new loose parts to play with outside...

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, we had a day of Royal activities...

We had a brilliant time at the Easy Riders balance bike festival

This week has been all about frogs!

Today we have had a tennis lesson with Paul Hatton from Chesterfield Tennis club...

Easter Egg Competition

Our class assembly. Chinese New Year!

Shrove Tuesday activities!

Thanks to all the Parents who came to open afternoon...

Thanks to those Parents who came to the Reading meeting. I hope you found it useful and that it gave you an insight into how we teach reading at school. All the notes and resources used were sent home for those who were unable to attend - please look out for them in your child's book bag.

We watched 'Frozen' and our magical activities stemmed from that...

We were visited by school health who taught us about washing our hands to get rid of germs.

Brrrrr it's been cold this week, here are some of the activities we have been doing...




We are a busy class of 30 children and 4 members of staff: Mrs Eyre [Class Teacher], Mrs Welsh [Class Teacher on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday], Mrs Rotherham and Mrs Fawcett [Teaching Assistants].


Here's what a day in our class looks like:


8:50am We arrive at school and, after putting our things away, we go straight into the Quiet room. On rainy days the doors will be opened earlier.

9am The register is completed and sent to the office.On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we go to the school hall for Collective Worship with the rest of the school. Friday's assembly is 'Star of the week' when 2 children from every class collect a certificate from Mr Cocking for working hard, being kind or to show some good work. 

9:30 Our independent learning time. There are learning opportunities across every area of the curriculum, both inside and outside. We build, act, draw, write, create, count, weigh, explore, investigate, talk and make friends.  We might take part in a group activity with a grown up eg a number board game or piece of writing. We also have a healthy snack [usually a piece of fruit and milk / water]

10:30 We all go in the Quiet Room to learn together. Sometimes we look at a book, sometimes we learn about numbers, shapes, the seasons or our Topic. 

10:50 Independent Learning again

11:30 Phonics time - We are learning our letters and putting them together to make words eg sh-ee-p, b-u-s, c-oa-t.

12pm Lunchtime and  playing outside


The afternoon is much like the morning but we also have PE, Music sessions, Religious Education, PSED [Personal, Social, Emotional Development - exploring feelings, learning positive behaviour, school rules etc]

We finish school at 3:15pm







Amazing homework letter

Keeping our children safe on the computer is very important to us. Please read the following guide to keeping your child IT safe

Starting School - important information about everything that happens in our class.

Continuing our theme of 'Special times'....

We have been thinking about 'Special times' and the children were very keen to share their experiences of 'Bonfire night'

Our topic up to Christmas is 'Sparkle and Shine'. Here are some of the things we will be learning....

This week we have been reading 'Peace at last' by Jill Murphy. We have introduced 'Challenge books' which encourage the children to complete 2 tasks on their own.

Thanks to the Parents who came to play with their child at open afternoon.

We have been playing parachute games today

Did you know it's Diwali this week? Ask your child to tell you what they have learnt about it.

We had a visit from PC Matthew who talked to us about his job. He came in a Police car and let us press the siren!

We had a fantastic time when Joe and Andy from Cbeebies 'Rhyme Rocket' came to visit us.

A typical day in Reception class. Just look how much we are learning!

We have been thinking about how we can be helpful Superheroes. We helped bake bread.

Superhero jet pack PE! We practiced moving fast, slow. high and low. We travelled in lots of ways, changing direction and following instructions.

We had a visit from the Owl man who brought Archie, Spike and Gizmo to meet us.

Please ensure your child has their reading book and book bag in school everyday.

More Superhero activities!

The children have settled into school beautifully. We have been busy being Superheroes...

Our topic this term is 'Superheroes'. Please find the planning here...