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We have been making the most of the sunshine this week

We made our own trains and train station for role play

Our trip to Crich Tramway Museum was amazing. We learnt so much and behaved beautifully.

We have had lots of fun thinking about transport.

We read a book called 'the train ride'
We followed instructions to set up a train track
We explored water transport
We made fidget spinners!!!???
We used traffic cones to play number games
We worked together to do a  difficult train puzzle
We built different types of transport
We made shape trains
We played at roads and towns
We did some difficult transport sums
We created some fabulous transport pictures

In preparation for our school trip to Crich Tramway museum, we are learning all about transport. Here is our planning

Parachute fun and games

We are learning new skills from our Tennis coach. This will continue every Wednesday afternoon after the holidays.

On Wednesdays we have tennis coaching from Paul Hatton [Chesterfield Tennis club]. Please ensure the children all have PE kits in school [no footwear needed yet] and earrings removed.

It's all about the chicks this week! They are growing fast and changing everyday.

Playdough chick
We moulded, shaped and added beaks, legs and eyes.
We had to be very gentle handling the chicks.
Lifecycle puzzles and creative writing
Matching the egg rhyming pairs
Weighing the eggs. Is the biggest  the heaviest?
Egg phonic games on the smartboard
Writing 'egg sentences'
Making a chick hotel
How many chicks can we move in 1 min using tweezer
Our chick artwork
Chick lifecycle
A plate of 'ch' food
We read 'chicken Licken' on the smartboard
We printed chicks using cylinders

We have some new members of our class - 6 chicks! We have watched them hatch, change and grow into cute fluffy chicks. Please feel free to visit the chicks in our classroom

This term we will be finding out about animals and life cycles. We have some special visitors to hatch out and will go hunting for mini beasts and other creatures

Well done to everyone who entered our decorated egg competition and Easter bonnet parade.

After the Easter holiday we will be finding out about 3D shapes - cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cone, spheres. The children have all taked some homework to support this. Why not have a shape treasure hunt around your home, looking for and naming 3D shapes? Or try using 3D shapes to build models. This website is useful.

On Thursday we went for a walk down in the woods. We were looking for signs of Spring.

We  are going for a walk in the woods on Thursday to look for signs of Spring. Please send your child with a bag of old clothes to change into and also boots/ wellies or old trainers.

We had a visit from PC James Land today. He came to talk to us about his job and even let us look inside his police car.

We had a lovely visit to Eckington Library on Wednesday afternoon.

Thank you for coming to our class assembly about the seasons

We have been scientists this week finding out how animals keep warm. We even had a visit from Y4's guinea pigs!

We've been getting fit this week. We had a visit from hurdler Meghan Beesley on Tuesday and joined her and the 'Sportivator for some sponsored Circuit training. Then on Thursday we joined lots of other schools at Eckington School for the balance bike festival.

Wow it's been windy today. We have taken advantage of it and had a 'windy day'

Can you move the fish without touching it?
waft the books to create moving air.
Can you move the boat without touching it?
Looking for signs of wind.
Can you move the marble without touching it?

Thanks to the parents who came to our open afternoon. I know the children loved showing you what we do in Reception Class

Here are the plans for next half term. We begin with 'Winter' and move onto 'Spring'.

Kung hei fat choi!! Happy Chinese New Year!

We found out where China is.
Our Challenges for the week.
How many words can you make from Chinese New Year?
Chinese artefacts
We made Chinese fans.
Lucky red envelopes contain money
Counting money
We told the story of Chinese New year
Can you use chopsticks?
Making Chinese masks
Chinese writing
Chinese dragon mask
The animals race
dragon dancing
Ribbon dancing
Chinese new year disco

New reading books.

The children are making wonderful progress with their reading and are learning key words quickly. Thanks for all your support with this. Remember 'little and often' is key and even 5 minutes practice of reading books and word cards makes all the difference. This week some children will start to bring home phonics books [children who recognise all red book words]. These books  are different to our usual reading scheme and do not contain the same key words. Please don't expect your child to read them easily. The idea is that they 'sound out' the words in the books, applying skills they have learn't in school. Feel free to take it in turns reading the pages with your child, or read it to them allowing them to follow with their finger. Please remember that the pictures are so important too and help tell the story. There are also questions and tips inside the covers of these books. These books are to keep for a week and will be changed on a Friday. We will continue reading our usual scheme books on a Monday as these provide key 'tricky' words.


We have been getting lots of exercise this week with 'Balance bikes' and 'We're going on a bear hunt' PE session. We should sleep this weekend!

Today we have been baking buns. We created our own crazy cake recipes and then used a real recipe to bake. We learned about oven safety, protecting our clothes and hygiene as well as lots of other skills. Tomorrow we will decorate them.

Maths How many more to make 6?
Maths - Weighing ingredients
Physical Development - folding in the flour
Physical Development - mixing the egg
Understanding of World - how ingredients change
Maths - Do they have the same amount?
Maths - Are there enough for one each?
Physical Development - scooping the mixture
PSED - Taking turns
Understanding of world -Where ingredients come fro
Maths - half the tray is full
The finest products!

Thanks to all the parents who came to open morning.

Christmas concert

Christmas disco, party, party lunch and visit from Santa

Well done to all the children for a lovely Nativity.

We have lots of exciting Christmas events coming up! Here is a list of important dates...

Come and join us for Our Nativity 'Mary's knitting' On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th December.

We have been thinking about day and night.

We explored what we could see in the daytime.
We found out that earth spins away from the sun.
Using torches we explored dark places.
We have been telling the time o'clock
We made yummy breakfast fruit kebabs.

Children In Need raised over £300

We have been for a walk into the woods. We escaped the rain [just!]. Paige said 'the trees look like they're crying because of the raindrops'!

'Ah a waterfall! Shall we make a wish?' said Esmae
'It's raining leaves!' Said Frankie.

Have a safe bonfire night

We made rockets!
We made Firework safety posters

Our topic is 'Sparkle and Shine'. We have been thinking about Celebrations that happen at this time of year, starting with Diwali.

We decorated the playground with Rangoli patterns
Rangoli patterns are used to welcome the Gods.
We made Diva lamps.
We moulded the salt dough.
We decorated them with shiny paint.
The finished result!
Our Mehndi hand designs
We made bridges to help Rama rescue Sita.

Thanks to all who came to open afternoon. The children loved playing with you and showing you around our classroom.

We had great fun today using the parachute.

We have been learning about road safety including crossing the road, using a car seat and wearing a helmet when riding a bike.

Autumn is well and truly here! We have been thinking about Autumn and Harvest time.

We collected signs of Autumn.
We used the instruments to create Autumn sounds.
We read 'The little red hen and the grain of wheat
We baked bread. It's hard work being a baker!
Do you like our handprint little red hen's?
We pretended it is harvest time on the farm.
We put the story in order.
We made windmills.
They are used to turn wheat into flour.
We played farm wordbuilding puzzles
We sorted farm objects by the initial sound.
We played Autumn games on the tablet.
We made a conker rolling game.
Free craft Autumn pictures
We made an information book about Autumn
We collected sycamore seeds.
They were spinning like helicopters.

We have been finding out about Superheroes. It has been lots of fun!

Can you get through Spiderman's web?
We moved like Superheroes in PE.
We made Superhero masks.
We designed and made traps to catch the baddies.
We dressed like Superheroes.
We mixed Superhero potions
We read the book Superworm by Julia Donaldson
We painted Superworm.
We made a home for Superworm.
Doctors and nurses are Superheroes too!
Oh nr the ice man has frozen our Superheroes!
How can we get them out?
We used invisible writing to send messages.

Welcome to Reception class page!

It's official, your little ones are now in big school!

We have a very busy class of 30 children. We look forward to getting to know each other and working with you to help your child succeed in all areas of their education. 


The staff are:

Mrs Eyre - Class teacher

Mrs Welsh - Class teacher 

Mrs Rotherham - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fawcett - Teaching Assistant. 


We are always happy to speak to you, so please come and see us if you have any concerns or questions.


Reception Class is the final stage of your child's Early Years education. It follows on from Nursery and we welcome children from other settings as well as those from Camms Nursery.

Don't be surprised if your child comes home and says they have played all day. Through play they are learning at their own pace and are developing a range of skills and understanding.


The EYFS [Early Years Foundation Stage] is made up of seven areas of learning:

Communication and Language - speaking, listening and understanding

Physical Development - Moving, handling and self-care

Personal, Social and Emotional Development - self confidence, managing feelings and building                                                                                   relationships

Literacy - Reading and Writing

Mathematics - Number,shape, spaceand measurement

Understanding the world - Technology,understanding of people and places

Expressive Arts and Design - Music, imaginitive play, art, DT and dance


We deliver each of these areas through play, groupwork, whole class teaching and one to one teaching.   





Our Class Timetable

Our topic is 'amazing us'. Please have a look at the planning by clicking on the link below.

The children have all settled in beautifully. We have been busy getting to know each other through play.