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Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.


Bit of a mouthful, but in essence it's about looking after yourself and others.


This page contains a variety of resources and links that i hope will be useful in the coming weeks.


All of the links will take you away from this page.



Also known as colouring in!  Take a bit of time to visit these pages and have some 'me time'.  The links on thee pages can either be accessed as on-ling colouring books, or you can print them out.




Please take a little care when accessing any of the 'adult' colouring pages.  I have been through most of the pages, but they are updated regularly and the term 'adult' has many meanings...


These links were active as of 7-4-2020


Michael O'Mara Books


Hello Kids Needs age-verification


Colouring Books Simple site for all ages


Plus some relaxing breathing exercise: 


A nice 'Look after yourself' booklet - Thanks to Sam Hallewell (EP)

My Lockdown Diary


Keep a record of what you did and when.  I am not recommending you bury it in the garden along with your cheese in a Samuel-Pepys-style, but it will allow you to look back and see just what you did to keep sane!


The diary is in pdf for printing or Powerpoint, if you don't want to print, then complete on screen and save.


Time Capsule - Similar idea, only in pdf though.