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Parent Phonics Info

 Please have a look at the resources on this Y1 Phonics Info page for parents and guardians.


Y1 Parents Phonics Briefing


Below is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation used by Mr Blake and Miss Clayton at the Phonics Briefing held on Tuesday 29th September and on Thursday 15th October.

The Sounds


Watch the video clips below to help make sure your child is using pure sounds. This is an essential element in the effective blending of different sounds to read unfamiliar words (decodable).


Blending and Segmenting


Watch the video below to watch Mr Thorne demonstrate blending and segmenting skills.




Although this document would take a long time to read fully, it does contain some useful word lists which can be used to reinforce your child's knowledge of different sounds.

Y1 Phonics Check


This section focuses on the Y1 Phonics Check. The check will be completed on the week commencing Monday 13th June. Checking out the video link and looking at the 2015 example will give you a clear understanding of the format of this assessment.

The document below is a great tool to use in preparation for the Y1 Phonics Check. It is full of real but unfamiliar words which the children need to blend in order to read.

Phonics Assessment


These assessment sheets can be used to check your child's knowledge of different sounds.

Can you use your knowledge of letters and sounds to answer these Phase 4 questions?