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Children will complete SATS assessments in 2017. Please download and read the document below to find out more about the purpose and focus of these assessments.


The children will continue to have daily phonics lessons this year as they continue their development through the phases outlined in the document, Letters and Sounds.

Although this document would take a long time to read fully, it does contain useful word lists and activities which can be used to reinforce your child's knowledge of different sounds.

Phonics lessons in Year 2 will extend beyond this knowledge, with increasing focus on developing age-appropriate confidence in applying different grammar rules. Having a look at Letters and Sounds document will help to give you a clear understanding of the knowledge expected at each phase.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of Letters and Sounds.

Phonics Check

Children who scored below the threshold mark in June 2016 will complete the phonics check assessment again in June 2017. Checking out the video link and looking at the 2015 example will give you a clear understanding of the format of this assessment.