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Morning Nursery

Welcome to Our Nursery Page!


Our Teacher is Mrs C Barton.

Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs J Hall.



 We introduce children to Nursery three times a year - September, January and April with children starting Nursery the term following their third birthday. 


Morning session 9:00am – 12:00am.

Afternoon Session: 12.30 - 3.30pm.


Nursery routine and Curriculum
In the Nursery we offer lots of opportunities to learn through play, including craft, games, messy play, building and small world. The children are also involved in simple Literacy and Numeracy activities which are planned to meet the individual needs of the children.

We provide a stimulating, nurturing environment that allows children to learn valuable social skills such as co-operation and independence. We also place a high emphasis on outside play with a recently developed playground area which the children love! We value the importance of healthy living with a daily healthy snack.


Copies of planning and Topics are displayed in the Nursery so that you can see what your child is doing each half term.

4th - 8th July
I am proud of my work!
Paper plate fish, with bun cases for scales!
Small world play: Rock pool
Outdoor art!
Cutting out sea creature shapes!
Water play
Mark making activity: Sea creatures
Octopus craft activity

27th June - 1st July


Sending the 'Bee Bot' to certain numbers!
I am pretending the box is a space rocket!
I can count out the correct number of shells!
Our outdoor role play :)
Play dough and the seaside mats.
I am decorating the fish template.
Fishing for phonics!
Jelly fish craft - maths activity

20 - 24th June


We love to mark make!
Register time!
Play dough aliens!
Box modelling - Rocket
Space station - Role play
Fine motor task :)
Matching number to quantity
Look what I can do!
We can write numbers!

13 - 17th June

This week we have continued our 'Space' topic and had fun mark making on our new smart board!

We are hoping to have our sports morning and picnic on Tuesday. The children can bring a small teddy for the picnic if they desire.

Our rocket for the role play!
Shape match
Space play dough fun!
Sports day small world
Space small world
Look what I have made!
I am proud of my effort!
Mark making on our new smart board!
My star!
Forming my name in the sand!

6 - 10th June


This week we have been busy practising for our sports day and completing the Barnardo's Big Toddle! Please bring into nursery any sponsor money you have collected. Thank you for the support smiley

Please view some of our other activities below:


Forming numerals using chalk!
I love to build :)
Experimenting with different craft tools.
Small world: Fire Service
Construction :)
We have found a ripe strawberry!
Look what I can do with the ribbons...
We can match lower case letters to upper case!
I have found the letters to form my name!

23 - 27th May


Dates for your diary:

We return to school on Tuesday 7th June. Monday the 6th is an INSET day.

Our sports morning and picnic: Wednesday 15th June (weather permitting). If it rains we will try to have our sports day the following morning.

Sand play
Bathing the dolls!
We are releasing the butterfly!
Fly away!
Dove handprint pictures.
Can you guess the Bible story?
Outdoor fun!
Ribbon dancing!
Vet role play.
I can build a tower :)

16 - 20th May


 'Dear Zoo' story - Giraffe mask
I can read some words!
What is hiding in the box?
I am retelling the Dear Zoo story!
Water play :)
Painting with water!
Our vets role play

9 - 13th May

This week we have enjoyed discovering all about animals from cold climates! Look at our fantastic art work below!

Polar bear
My penguin!
Sponge painting
I know my alphabet!
Counting activity.
Mark making area.
Look what I have found!
Messy play!
I can write numbers!
I am trying to write my name!
Exploring ice.
Paper plate penguin!
Our role play choice...

3 - 6th May


25 - 29th April
I am making a dinosaur out of play dough!
I have used pasta for the plates on the dinosaur.
My dinosaur!
I am using clay to make a dinosaur fossil.
Look at our work!
What is hiding inside the ice?
Dinosaur sponge painting.
Dinosaur small world.
I have cut out and ordered the numbers!
I am proud of my achievement!

18 - 22nd April

This week we have begun our short two week topic about Dinosaurs! Look at our exciting work below...

I love to build!
Mark making!
Role play
Dinosaur stencils
Dinosaur swamp!
Ordering numbers
Dinosaur crafts!
We're going on a dinosaur hunt!
I can see the footprints!
Our dinosaur hunt!
I have found one!
My paper plate dinosaur!

11 - 15 April

Welcome back! I hope you have had a good Easter break!

This week we have continued to discuss 'spring time' and have talked about animals that have  hibernated through out the winter. There are a few photographs below of the children's work:

Creatures that hibernate
Spring time garden!
Little Red Riding Hood

21st - 24th March

We have completed various Easter activities this week including an Easter bonnet parade! You can view some of our learning opportunities below:

Our Easter bonnets
Egg decorating
We are making chocolate crispy buns :)
Egg hunt!
Decorating eggs
Easter crafts
I have made a playdough cross on the buns!
Have a fantastic Easter Holiday smiley

14 - 18th March

This week we have enjoyed dressing up for book day and sports relief. Additionally we have been busy creating some Easter crafts! Please see below.

Date for your diary: We break up for the Easter holidays on Thursday 24th March. We will return on Monday 11th April.

Easter crafts :)
Book day!

7 - 11th March

Please view our photographs below to see how busy we have been this week!

Pond small world
A theatre group came to Camms!
We had three short stories.
Can you guess the story?
We enjoy hopscotch!
Our little caterpillars :)
I am proud of my daffodil painting!

29th Feb - 4th March

As well as continuing our 'life cycles' topic this week (focussing on the frog), we have also made a lovely Mother's Day card! The children tried hard to write their name in the card and decorate  it to resemble a tulip.

Small world: pond
Life cycle jigsaws
Decorating Mother's Day card print outs

Welcome back! I hope you have had a good break!

This half term our main topic will be 'Life cycles'. We have started our topic through The Very Hungry Caterpillar story. Next week we will be receiving five caterpillars to allow the children to experience this life cycle first hand.

Below are just a few photographs of some of the activities we have enjoyed this week:

Small world: Wild life scene
Has the caterpillar been eating our leaf?
Using the hole punch for a purpose...
Using the fruit templates (linked to our story)
Making patterns in the paint :)
We enjoy trying to fix things!

8 - 12th Feb

Please view our photographs below of the Shrove Tuesday and the Chinese New Year activities smiley

Playdough maths!
Our cafe is serving pancakes today!
I love pancakes!
Our outdoor cafe
Writing Chinese numbers
We are making a Chinese dragon!
We are making a dragon!

1st - 5th Feb

This week we have begun to find out about the Chinese New Year. We have listened to stories and read information books about China. Please view the photographs below:


Our Chinese Restaurant.
Decorating a Chinese Flag.
Our outdoor cafe.
What would you like to order?

25 - 29th Jan

This week we have mainly enjoyed activities  around the story 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have baked our own gingerbread, engaged in small world play with the puppets from the story, decorated a Gingerbread Man template and painted our own pictures of him. Additionally, we have completed mathematical activities using pictures of the Gingerbread Man (please see below).

Small world: The Gingerbread Man
Decorating him with the correct amount of buttons!
We are making Gingerbread biscuits!
Sponge painting the Gingerbread Man template.
Our cornflour and water experiment!
We love the new mark making area!
We can make the cars travel through the tube!

WC 18th January

This week we have commenced our materials/buildings topic through our big book 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have discussed the materials they used in the story to build their homes and the children have also made homes for the pigs in a variety of ways. Outdoors the children have dressed as builders to construct a house of bricks. Indoors the children used craft materials to produce a large house of straw, sticks and bricks (please see the display in nursery). They have painted the characters from the story which you can also see on display in nursery.

The Three Little Pigs small world
I am building a house for the pig!
I will build even in the cold!
Building a home.
I'm painting a picture of the pig!
I am proud of my achievement!
I can paint my name on the wall!

WC 11th January

This week we have continued our winter topic by linking to the 'Elmer in the Snow' story. We decorated templates of Elmer by using paint, collage materials and chalk.  We then moved onto talking about 2D shapes and made our own pictures out of different shapes. You can see some of our creations below!

I am using the shape mats to make a picture.
My truck!
I have made a motorbike!
A snowman!
I am using the shape stencils.
We are decorating the Elmer template.

WC 4th January 2016

Welcome back! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

We have started this half term by learning about winter. We have been talking about why it is cold, types of clothing we wear during this season and experimenting with ice. The topic will move onto materials which will include buildings and castles. Please view the planning on the nursery notice board for further information.

Please view the photographs below:


Experimenting with ice
We are making paper snowflakes!
Water play
We are using different equipment to balance on!

7-17th December

We have continued to be very busy performing our Nativity play for our families last week!

 On Monday we had a fantastic party at nursery! We played pass the parcel, musical statues and many other party games. Santa came to visit and gave everyone a present! Thank you to the parents that assisted with the party!

Additionally, children have enjoyed playing football and using the new goal post that we have. Please view the photographs below.

Have a Merry Christmas!

WC 30th November 2015


The children have been very busy rehearsing for the Nativity performance! Additionally we have engaged in lots of learning opportunities. Please see below.

Decorating buns!
Play dough buns!
Foot prints to make into our Christmas card!
We can balance!
I can hula hoop!
We are helpful!
I have made a truck!

WC 23rd November

Please view our photographs below to see just a few of the activities we have enjoyed this week!

I am painting patterns on the wall!
I have been trying to write my name.
We can build a tower!
I am decorating the house.
This house needs painting!
We have been using the binoculars!
We enjoy using the new toy shop in our classroom!
We are sticking two of each object on our number 2
We have been making birthday cakes in the sand.
We are making Jesus a birthday card!
We are constructing a cake for Jesus!
I enjoy looking through books in our book area.
We are reading a story to our doll!

WC 16th November


Hollie is taking orders for our new Toy shop!
We have been adding price tags to our toys.
How much will the toy cost?
We enjoy using the till in our shop!
All of our toys need price tags.
I would like to buy the toys in my basket please!
Our robot pictures.
I have worked hard to make my robot picture! :)
We have constructed a range of toys!

At the end of last week we celebrated 'Book Week' by dressing up as our favourite character and completing a range of activities around stories. (Photographs can be seen below).


WC 9th November: This week we have enjoyed using a range of equipment to balance on and we have made 'dens' out of various objects. For Remembrance Day we made our own poppy picture out of bun cases and paint and have drawn poppies on the playground using chalk.


To begin our topic about toys we have painted a picture of our favourite toy and brought them to nursery to show. We enjoyed discussing with our friends about why we like our special toy!


Additionally you can see that we have decorated buns to sell within the nursery to raise money for Children in Need. These will be available to buy tomorrow (13th November).

WB 2nd Nov

Welcome back to Nursery! I hope you had an enjoyable half term! We have completed several activities this week around 'Bonfire Night'. We have been singing rocket songs and making our own fireworks sound effects using the musical instruments. Additionally we have made rockets, drawn fireworks on large sheets of black paper, used chalk to draw fireworks on the playground and created fantastic printing pictures!


For the remainder of the half term we will be focussing on our topics 'Toys' and 'Christmas'. For further information please view the planning on the notice board in nursery.


I have created another 'Chatterbox' for your children to enjoy so please look out for this. It is the 'Owl Babies' story and resources (see the photograph below).




WC 19th October

We have continued to enjoy our 'Fire Station' role play area  this week! Even Mr Cocking couldn't resist joining in the fun! (see the photograph below ). Thank you to those who participated on the autumn walk and brought back lots of autumn treasures for us to discuss at nursery. We have enjoyed investigating the different items such as acorns and pine cones and additionally we have been rolling the conkers in paint! We have created such wonderful autumn pictures!


WC 12th October

Recently we have been talking about 'people who help us' such as the police and fire service. With the children's assistance we have set up a police station outside. Towards the end of the week we decided to change it into a fire station! You can see how much we have enjoyed this in the photographs below!

There have been a range of other activities completed based on this theme too :)

We have been so busy at nursery this week! Not only continuing our topic of 'ourselves' but learning how to use ICT in the classroom. We have used the program 'Paint' to create our own picture and have been introduced to a robot called a Bee Bot.


Additionally, we have been building models, balancing on stilts, using the water tray, writing lists and many more activities. Please see the photographs below!


This week at nursery we have particularly enjoyed making marks in a variety of ways. We have used water and paint brushes to write our name on the outside walls and on the playground. We have used wipe boards and chalk boards too!


Additionally, we have a new basketball net at our nursery. Look at our pictures below to see how much fun we have!

This week at Nursery we have particularly enjoyed setting up a hairdressers role play area outdoors! We have enjoyed writing the appointments in a book, pretending to wash and style our friends hair and next week we will be extending this role play by introducing a till to use!

Additionally children have investigated how to roll vehicles down a tube as fast as they can and build dens out of boxes. We have enjoyed many other activities too. Please view our photographs to see just a small number of the learning opportunities we have had.

Welcome back to Nursery! I hope you have had a great summer!

There are fifteen new children starting nursery this half term. I'm sure you will all make them feel very welcome.


Our Topic this half term is settling back into nursery and 'Ourselves'. Please see the planning on the notice board for further details.

Below are a few photographs of our first few days back at nursery. As you can see we are very busy learning and having fun!

+++++ Archived 2014 - 2015 +++++

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Many thanks for your very generous presents, cards and kind words.  

With our best wishes

Mrs. Welsh, Mrs. Hall and Mrs. Treweek.

Our Veg Patch!

We've dug up lots of potatoes from our veg patch! Potatoes are so exciting  for children to discover. They're like hidden treasure!  We've got  tomatoes too - green ones! We've been eating our own peas as well. Unfortunately the minibeasts enjoyed the courgette plant and beans........ 

Big Toddle

We really enjoyed our Big Toddle last week. We saw lots of interesting things as we walked around the big field. Many thanks for your contributions to Barnados'.

Circus Time! We had a fantastic time with Circus Kevin!

We learnt lots of different circus skills with Circus Kevin. We've been having fun dressing up too! More pictures on 'Latest News' page.
The Nursery children had 2 lovely mornings in Reception Class. Look at the photos on the 'Latest News' part of this website.


Children love dens! They love hiding, going under things and feeling enclosed. We've been having lots of fun in different dens outside!

Sports' Day!

Mums and Dads!

Our Sunny Picnic!

More Minibeasts!

Eva and Gracie checking their minibeast hunt sheet
Sienna watching the bees on the geraniums.
Holly looking for bugs under the logs.


Using our bug pots to look closely at minibeasts.
Josh found a snail.
How to paint a ladybird?
Faye's lovely 'garden' of insects on a pegboard!

Following the success of our butterflies, we are continuing with our Minibeasts topic. Last week we looked at ladybirds. This week we are learning about bees. We are having honey on toast  for snack this week!  We've learnt the rhyme 'Ladybird, Ladybird, fly away home......' We've painted some fantastic pictures of ladybirds!

Please look out for minibeasts when you are out and about......

Strawberry Time!

We have been picking and eating our very own home-grown strawberries! We've also noticed that some minibeasts also like strawberries as much as we do!  We've enjoyed the story of 'The Big Strawberry and The Hungry Bear'.
We  have started practicing for Sports Day next week! Running different races involves lots of different and demanding skills for very young children, so it's quite hard work! But the children love it and can't wait for their families to watch them! Fingers crossed that the weather's kind to us. We're looking forward to the picnic too with the morning children.
Happy Holiday! See you on Tuesday 2nd June.
We've had an exciting week in Nursery.........


On Friday  Evie and Elliott brought their kittens to show us. The children were fascinated by them. Thank you very much, Evie and Elliott's Mums!


On Tuesday we enjoyed a visit from a storyteller. He played the guitar and told excellent stories, with  eager participation from the children. They loved it!

Our Butterflies!

We were very proud and excited on Monday when all 5 of our cocoons successfully hatched! We released them on Tuesday. 

Our Cocoons!

Our caterpillars have now changed into cocoons. We hope we will have some butterflies before we finish school on Friday!

Pets Topic

We are enjoying our topic about pets. Many thanks to those who have brought photos in!
Blowing Bubbles!
Our bean plants are growing fast!
Our pea plants are growing fast too!

Pets Topic


Next week we are  starting our topic about pets. If you have a family pet and would like to bring a photo of it that would be lovely! We will be learning all about different pets. Our role-play area will become a pet shop!

Our Caterpillar Topic
We are the proud and excited caretakers of 5 caterpillars which are growing fast! The children are fascinated by them and can't wait for their transformation to cocoons and then butterflies! This topic is enhanced, of course, by the wonderful 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' story. There is a copy available in our library box! We have been doing lots of caterpillar activities: printing caterpillars, making pipe cleaner caterpillars on leaves, making dough caterpillars, threading cotton reel caterpillars, moving like caterpillars..... We have also learned a caterpillar song. Ask if you'd like a copy for home!

Our Caterpillars!

Our seeds!

Our seeds are growing fast too! The children will be bringing their own bean plants home. The other vegetables and flowers will be planted out in our garden.
Morning and Afternoon Nursery children have been very busy doing lots of Spring planting. We've planted beans, peas, potatoes, cress, radishes, sunflowers, wild flower seeds and grass. 
We have been enjoying going in our garden to play!
We have a new  display board in Nursery. It's called 'Our Learning Wall'. The idea is to celebrate children's work instantly on a daily basis. Anything a child has worked hard at or is proud or excited about will be put up. As this work will be changed frequently it will not be mounted like our usual displays.

Diary Dates!


Nursery Sports Days will be as follows:

Morning Sports Day - Wednesday 17th June.

Afternoon Sports Day - Thursday 18th June.


In the event of rain we will just have our picnic food indoors instead.



This year our topics have been:

Ourselves, Spiders, Harvest, Autumn, Toys, Winter, Christmas, Colour, Birds, Chinese New Year, Spring, Easter.


This term we are talking about Growing, Minibeasts, Pets. 

We have just received 5 live caterpillars! We will look after them carefully in the hope they will become beautiful butterflies!

Morning Nursery Bonnets and Egg Hunt!
Afternoon Nursery Bonnets and Egg Hunt!

Nursery Easter fun!

Don't forget to look at our lovely mark-making display. This shows the children's different stages of development in mark-making. It might look like scribble but it's not!

Busy at the mark-making table.
Mark-making outside.
Mark-making in the salt!
Mark-making in the salt!

Wohooo Snow