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Morning Nursery

Keeping our children safe on line is very important to us. Please read this guide to keeping your child IT safe.

Welcome to Our Nursery Page!


Our Teacher is Mrs C Barton.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs J Hall and Miss E Furniss



We introduce children to Nursery three times a year - September, January and April with children starting Nursery the term following their third birthday.


Morning session 9:00am – 12:00am.


Nursery routine and Curriculum
In the Nursery we offer lots of opportunities to learn through play, including craft, games, messy play, building and small world. The children are also involved in simple Literacy and Numeracy activities which are planned to meet the individual needs of the children.

We provide a stimulating, nurturing environment that allows children to learn valuable social skills such as co-operation and independence. We also place a high emphasis on outside play with a recently developed playground area which the children love! We value the importance of healthy living with a daily healthy snack.


Copies of planning and Topics are displayed in the Nursery and on our class page, so that you can see what your child is doing each half term.

Please view the plans below to see what we are learning in Nursery/ topics covered.

Term 1 (part 2) MT plan

2nd - 6th July

Water play!
Counting out quantities
Decorating a fish!
Name writing
Making cups of tea!
Painting the kitchen!
Play dough
Creating a fish for the window display!
Creating a play dough flag!
Our new outdoor reading area!
Sheltering from the sun!
Maths and craft together!
Sticking the correct number of sequins!
Fishing for numbers!
Sea creature stories!

25th - 29th June

Play dough Aliens!
Our new Ice Cream Parlour
Cutting and sticking  - (what does it begin with?)
Writing practice
Decorating the rocket template
Purple Mash - rocket
Finding objects beginning with ck or p
Matching object to initial sound

18th - 22nd June

Forming our name to make a rocket!
Space passport!
I have made a stage!
Snack time
Messy play - star rescue mission!
Our version of the Starry Night painting
Our own Van Gogh style of painting
Space rocket role play!
Sports day!

11 - 15th June

Making our space rockets!
Space rocket number game!
Play dough with a space theme
Outdoor water play!
We are using our imagination and building a rocket
Sports day practice!
Our new role play area - Space rocket!
Learning to write words!
Paper bowl aliens!
Rocket game
We are making astronauts!

4 - 8th June

Number formation!
Small world: Fairy garden
We are learning about space!
Pen control!
Decorating backing paper for our space display!

As you can see below, we have had a very busy half term! The children have enjoyed learning about various life cycles! We have had newts, caterpillars and tadpoles in our classroom and have observed the life cycles first hand. Our topic next half term will begin by learning about space! For more information, please view the half term planning above.


Have a great half term holiday! We are back on Tuesday 5th June ( Monday is an INSET day).


The Nursery sports day will hopefully take place on Thursday 21st June (weather permitting), more information to follow.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs Barton

14th - 25th May

We have butterflies!
Tulip paintings using a fork!
Outdoor homecorner!
Music bugs came to Nursery!
We can dance and twirl with ribbons!
Releasing the butterflies!
Making a fruit salad!
Observing a pineapple.
Enjoying the fruit salad.
Name writing practice.
Using different tools to make marks.
Messy play!
Mathematics games!
Name writing on wipeboards.
Writing words!
Making marks.
Our tadpoles are changing into froglets!
Jack and the beanstalk - Giant!
Baking buns!
Small world: at the beach!
Vet's role play area
Free choice crafts
We are having a birthday party for baby!

7 - 11th May

Experimenting with clay
Football practice
Planting beans and seeds!
Target game/ developing fine motor skills
Can you squirt the number?
School guinea pigs!
We went on a walk around the school grounds!
Willow arch!
Look at what we found!
Mr Cocking joined us!
Circle songs!

30th April - 4th May

Fine motor skills - adding the correct quantities
Group work - flower collage
Small word: park
Football practice :)
Hoovering nursery!
Music wall
Decorating a butterfly template on Purple Mash
Using the correct coloured counters
Play dough and Numicon
Matching quantity to numeral
Maths and art together!
Our outdoor home corner!
Circle songs and rhymes
Letter hunt!
I've found a picture to match to the letter!

23rd - 27th April

We are observing the Newts in our classroom!
We are learning how to take care of our teeth!
Butterfly - hand prints
Experimenting with colour
Small world: Building a train track.
Forming letters and numbers
Music wall
Look what I have found!
16th - 20th April
Our group butterfly painting!
Painting a cocoon.
Pencil control activity
Working together to build!
I am proud of my model!
Making a caterpillar for our display!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar!
Small world play.
Enjoying the sunshine in the garden area!
Our outdoor kitchen
Tissue paper butterflies!
Forming our name with magnetic letters.
5 Little speckled frogs
We had ice cream on the hottest day of the year!
Learning about symmetry - butterfly painting.
our new role play - flower shop
Rolling balls down the guttering!
Mark making!

Welcome back! This half term our topic will be life cycles. We have started by completing activities about the life cycle of a frog. This will move on to the life cycle of a butterfly. We will be observing this life cycle first hand! Our caterpillars have arrived in our classroom frown; we will watch them grow and change (hopefully by the end of the half term!). Lastly we will learn about what plants need to grow. For further information please view the half term plans above.

Thank you

9th - 13th April

Cutting activity
Small world play
Decorating the frog template (life cycles)
Small world: Pond scene

Easter Egg Competition

5th - 9th March

Forming letters using paint!
Outdoor name writing!
Painting with dinosaurs
We enjoy our snack time!
Small world: Dinosaurs in gloop!
I can recognise and order numbers to 10!
Painting pictures of dinosaurs!

12th - 16th February

29th January - 9th February

Counting out the correct amount of pom poms!
Eating prawn crackers!
Colour mixing!
We know how to mix purple!
Name writing - outdoors!
I can balance on stilts :)
Our Chinese New Year work!
Number target game.
Jack and the Beanstalk small world!
Independent paintings!
We love to chat at snack time :)
Painting the walls.
Numicon - we counted the holes in the tiles!
Ordering numbers and Numicon
More colour mixing!
Drawing pictures in the paint to print on paper!
Music wall!
I am proud of my Chinese Dragon!
Smart board - name writing practice!
Year of the Dog - Making a mask!
Our Chinese Restaurant Role play area

22 - 26th January

Experimenting with clay
Moulding the clay
Experimenting with corn flour!
Retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man
Baking gingerbread :)
Outdoor cafe - taking orders!
Serving the food in our cafe!
Making Chinese lanterns
Writing Chinese numbers in the sand!
Chinese numbers
Building with the lego.
Our daffodils are growing!

15 - 19th January

Farm yard small world.
Pig painting!
Making a house from the Three Little Pigs story!
Building a home for the pigs!
The Big Bad Wolf!
Flower paintings for the Three Little Pigs display
Mark making
We like to play 'teachers'!
Outside fun :)

Welcome back!

This half term we will be learning about materials such as wood, metal, glass and man made materials and then move on to the Chinese New Year. Please view the planning above for more information. smiley

3rd - 12th January 2018

Mark making!
I love to build!
Making snowflakes!
Small world: Ice play
We talked about where the water had come from!
Space small world
Repeating patterns
Look what I have made!

11th - 15th December

Christmas decoration!
Christmas play dough
Writing a letter to Santa!
We are ready to PARTY!
Pass the parcel!
Nursery Christmas Party!
We had a special visitor!
Mark making!

I hope you have enjoyed the Nativity! Thank you for your support and also for providing costumes where required. Well done to all of the children, they have worked hard!

The Nursery party will be on Wednesday. There is a list on the notice board of items we require for the party. Please sign up for an item to bring if you can. Thank you.

4th - 8th December

We are beginning to make a calendar for you :)
Role play fun!
I enjoy playing 'bat and ball' games!
Outdoor construction
Retelling the story of the first Christmas
Christmas inset puzzle
We are ready for the Nativity Dress Rehersal!
Outdoor mark making!
We are trying to balance!

27th November - 1st December

Making birthday cards!
Learning how to use scissors.
Water play
We enjoy using the interactive display - toy shop
Making sheep for our Nativity hall display
Writing our name in the Christmas card!
Our new role play - Santa's Workshop!
We are wrapping presents for Santa!
We love to dress up!
Christmas crafts!

17th - 24th November

Children in need - wear spots!
I love to play in this car!
Balancing on stilts
Mark making :)
Making patterns in the salt!
We can retell stories!
Decorate the number with 2 of each item!
Puppet craft!
Interactive display - Toy shop

13th - 16th November

Dinosaur small world
Cutting and sticking our favourite toys!
Name writing practice
Labelling items for sale in the toyshop!
Decorating a toy picture
Sand play
I am learning to recognise some numerals!
Play dough!
Using shapes to create a robot picture!
I am proud of my achievement :)
Matching by colour and size
Small world play
Construction area
We decided to play 'teachers'!

6th - 10th November

Brusho! Look at the colours spreading!
Construction fun!
Bonfire night small world :)
Mark making area
Garden - mowing the lawn!
Outdoor small world area
What am I painting on the wall?
I can paint my name!
Threading items onto the metal spiral!
I tried until I succeeded!
Play dough!
Painting a picture of my favourite toy!
Our favourite toys...
I am proud of the poppy I have made!
Look at our poppy craft!
Airport small world
I brought my favourite toy to Nursery.

31st October - 3rd November

Decorating the teddy bear shape!
Pouring and scooping the pasta
We enjoy looking at books!
Farm small world
Independent painting
Home corner role play
Using the wipe board to form letters from our name

16 - 20th October

Sticking one of each item on number one!
small world play
magnetic numbers
We can recognise some of the numerals!
Matching by size and colour
Autumn treasures
Collecting leaves
Leaf rubbings
Name writing
Mark making on the smart board!
Fine motor skills
Developing our fine motor skills
We had to hammer the golf tees into the pumpkin!
Discovering what is inside a pumpkin!
Look at all of the seeds!
Our leaf puppets!

9 - 13th October

Cbeebies show :)
Building a train track
Play house fun!
At the Doctors
Putting a bandage on my knee!
Small world: train track
Mark making in the sand!
I am trying to form my name in the sand!
Look at my achievement!
Dolls house small world
Outdoor name writing
The police came to visit...
WOW! We got to sit inside the police car!
Listen to the siren!
'What is in the boot?' they asked!
Independent painting

2nd - 6th October

Free use of the construction shelf!
Outdoor role play: Doctors surgery!
Outdoor mark making
Colour mixing!
Cutting activity
Painting with water
We can form letters from our name!
We are proud of our joint achievement!
Using the 'Beebot'
Pencil control activity
Home corner :)
Look at what I can do!

25th - 29th September

Hospital small world play!
People who help us jigsaws
Finding the letters we need to stamp our name!
Independent use of the workshop area :)
Water play

18th - 22nd September

Dressing the doll!
Mark making
I have tried hard to write my name!
Ice cream parlour role play
I can crawl through the tunnel!
Look what we have found!
We are on a mini beast hunt!
Printing with numbers
Look at what we have created!

Our first week back:

Welcome back to Nursery! The children have settled back into the routine and have enjoyed their first week back at Nursery. Please view the photographs below for some examples of the fantastic activities we have completed so far. Additionally, we have 13 new children joining our class!

Cutting and sticking holiday pictures.
Water play :)
I am proud of my sandcastle!
We can balance!
Stay and play session.
Independent reading :)
Ice cream parlour role play
Printing pictures
Role play!
I didn't give up!
I have made a playdough face.
Hand printing!
Water fun - bathing the dolls!