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Morning Nursery

Welcome to Our Nursery Page!


Our Teacher is Mrs C Barton.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs J Hall, Mrs Z Treeweek and Miss E Furniss



 We introduce children to Nursery three times a year - September, January and April with children starting Nursery the term following their third birthday. 


Morning session 9:00am – 12:00am.


Nursery routine and Curriculum
In the Nursery we offer lots of opportunities to learn through play, including craft, games, messy play, building and small world. The children are also involved in simple Literacy and Numeracy activities which are planned to meet the individual needs of the children.

We provide a stimulating, nurturing environment that allows children to learn valuable social skills such as co-operation and independence. We also place a high emphasis on outside play with a recently developed playground area which the children love! We value the importance of healthy living with a daily healthy snack.


Copies of planning and Topics are displayed in the Nursery and on our class page, so that you can see what your child is doing each half term.

26th June - 5th July

Play dough
Play dough aliens
Decorating the fish template!
Counting out shells to match the number!
Play dough ice cream!
WOW! look at my model!
Tissue paper fish - we will laminate them!
Decorating the fish template on Purple Mash!
Paper plate fish :)
Threading the beads.
Pirate Small world.
Independent art and crafts.
Rhyming games!

19th - 23rd June

Nursery Sports Day!
Messy play - space small world
Fine motor task - scooping the planets
Astronaut passports!
Our version of the 'Starry Night' by Van Gogh
'The Moon' small world fun
We created different textured paint!
Using the alphabet rocks to form our name :)

5th - 16th June

Writing numerals!
Look what I can build!
Decorating our display backing paper.
Our strawberries have grown!
Space small world
Paper plate planets!
Space rocket role play area!
Ordering the letters in our names to make a rocket

22nd - 26th May

We love to build!
Small world play.
I can fix it!
Paper plate penguins :)
Dough disco!
Look what we have found on our mini beast hunt!
Our new kitchen!
Water play!
Mark making - Dear Zoo story

15 - 19th May

Using 2D shapes to create a picture!
2D shapes art work!
Paper plate Dinosaurs!
We love to build :)
Look at what we have created!
Messy small world play!

8 - 12th May

Name writing!
We are using clay to make a dinosaur fossil!
Excavating dinosaur bones!
Small world play
Searching for dinosaurs!
Dinosaur hunt!
I have made an aeroplane!
Handprints on the dinosaur!
Decorating the dinosaur template!
Copying over our names on the smartboard.

2nd - 5th May

Cutting out an image of a dinosaur.
Small world play :)
Outdoor mark making.
We like to draw with chalk!
Seesaw fun!
Experimenting with colours.
Name writing!
Dinosaur footprints!
I am proud of my picture!
Story time :)
We are playing together :)
Look what I can build!
Ordering numbers
Painting a picture of a Dinosaur!

Please view the Nursery Planning for this half term

24 - 28th April

The butterflies hatched during the Easter holiday!
Small world fun!
Garden Centre Role play area
Mark making outdoors.
We are writing letters from our names!
Painting the stones
Observing the water going through the bottles!
Little Red Riding Hood story: The Wolf
Look at my painting!
Group work: We have made Grandma's cottage
Welcome to our new little girl :)
Garden Centre role play

3rd - 6th March

Mark making with water and paint brushes!
I can write my name!
Matching the patterns
Making our Easter chocolate nests!
Easter egg counting game!
Observing the cocoons!
Decorating an egg on the Purple mash website!
Egg hunt :)
Easter colouring :)
We are ready for our bonnet parade!
Easter assembly!
We are the winners!
Egg decorating!
Our lovely Easter card and basket we have made!

27th - 31st March

Making the correct number of spots!
We have made flapjack!
We enjoyed eating it as part of our snack!
Water wall :)
Vet's role play
Pouring and scooping activity.

20th - 24th March

We are planting sunflower seeds!
Small world play :)
Tulip pictures :)

13 - 17th March

Colour mixing/ drawing butterflies
Counting out objects to match to numbers
Ruby loves to build!
Exploring the garden area!
This lawn needs mowing!
Looking for creatures!

6 - 10th March

Placing the buttons along the track!
Using the paint projects on Purple Mash!
Symmetrical Butterfly!
Using pasta and paint to make a butterfly picture!
Look what I have constructed :)
The Very Hungry Caterpillar colouring
Smart board name writing practice!
We are making buns to sell for charity!
Ruby decided to make a play dough snail :)
Play dough and maths!
We like to look at books together.
Mini beast hunt in the garden!
Our achievement display - see below for details.

Thank you to those who purchased buns! We have raised over £30 for St Luke's Hospice! The children had great fun making the buns too smiley 


Achievement Display: Please record on a paper leaf (located below the display in nursery) any achievements your child makes. E.g. Fastening their coat for the first time; gaining a swimming certificate or anything else. We will celebrate their efforts with the children at nursery. Thank you!


27th February - 3rd March

Life cycle of a frog - tadpoles!
Making a specific number of pancakes...
Our competition winners! Well done girls!
Cooking pancakes!
Mrs Treeweek flipping the pancake!
Role play - making our pancakes!
Cafe role play
Forming letters with paint!
Making holes in the leaf shape!
Name writing
World book day :)
Forming numbers using cars!
We decided to hunt for mini beasts!
What have we found?



Welcome back!

Well done to our two handwriting competition winners: Eva and Scarlet!


Our topic for this half term is 'Life Cycles'. We will focus on the life cycles of a frog, butterfly, chicken and plant. You can view the medium term plan for the morning nursery below.

20 - 24th February

Small world
Making specific amounts of petals for the flower.
Cutting out numbers.
I am proud of my achievement!
Decorating a frog shape!
Water fun!
Fishing for numbers game.
We have worked together to make a model.
Home corner - role play
I am building a house!
Target game - phonics

6 - 10th February

Water play
Sand play
Independent painting
Restaurant role play - reading the menu!
I enjoy looking at the pictures!
Small group games - counting
We can take turns!
Working together to build a tower!
Printing with Numicon - ordering the tiles
Target practice - Recognising numbers
Using the chalk to draw a spider!
Experimenting with paint - colour mixing!
Mark making in the paint ;)
Parent's Evening Reminder - please see the nursery notice board for available times. Thank you.

30th January - 3rd February

Experimenting with clay!
Mark making on the smart board.
Using the letter stamps to form our name.
Name writing and fishing for phonics game.

Parents Evening - This will be held on one evening for nursery parents (Thursday 23rd February), additionally there will be morning appointments available before and after half term. This is a valuable opportunity to discuss your child's achievements and targets; therefore please see the time slots available via the nursery notice board. Thank you.


23 - 27th January

Experimenting with cornflour!
Gingerbread man small world.
Name writing!
Creating our own models!
Our Outdoor cafe role play!
Cafe role play :)
Baking Gingerbread men :)
Decorating the Gingerbread man shaped paper!
Number formation using the smartboard!
Sand play
Creating Chinese Lanterns!
Mark making in the salt!

16 - 20th January

Three Little Pigs playdough activity!
Creating the homes for the Three Little Pigs!
Water play
The Bad Wolf!
Independent construction
Investigating shiny/dull
Shiny/ dull materials: Collage
Mark making
Small world - Dolls house

Our half term plan - please view to see what we will be learning :)

Welcome Back! Please view our pictures from the 4th - 13th January :)

Experimenting with ice/ small world
Making snowflakes!
Mark making!
Paint - pictures of our choice
Making patterns on the winter clothing templates!
Using 2D shapes to produce a picture.
We used shape mats to create a picture!
What have I made?
I enjoy telling stories!
Small group activity - turn taking/ counting
Decorating the large Elmer elephant shape!
Decorating our chalk elephant template.

Well done to our Nursery children for a lovely Nativity

We have lots of Christmas activities coming up! Here is a list of important dates and times...


A few extra photographs from our busy week! (5 - 9th December)

Our new role play area...
Santa's Workshop!
We are wrapping presents for Santa!
Writing a letter to Santa!
Christmas dress up!
Decorating a Christmas tree shape!
Christmas play dough tasks!
We are ready for our Nativity play :)

28th November - 2nd December

Making sheep pictures for our Nativity display!
Our outdoor role play area!
We went to play in the reception class...
We enjoyed using the Doctor's role play area
We fixed items from around the classroom!
We wanted all of the resources in the sand tray!

21 - 25th November - Just a few of our activities this week :)

"I am fixing the house!"
I enjoy using the seesaw!
Mark making
"I am fixing the slide!"
Builders yard - role play
"I am measuring!"
We are working together to make a train track!
14 - 18th November
We have enjoyed using the smart board.
We have been trying to form our names.
Ellie's craft work (made at home) :)
Ellie's work!
I have made a butterfly!
Using various tools to create my picture!
7th - 11th November
Forming our name with magnetic letters!
Colour mixing!
Play dough fun :)
Kyle's Robot
Favourite toys - paintings
Our Favourite toy...
Ava's art - from home
Drawing a poppy on the smartboard.
Poppy art
Drawing a poppy on the playground!

17th October - 4th November


This half term our main topic will be all about toys! This will lead onto Christmas and our Nativity. Please view our half term planning for nursery:
We enjoy playing basketball.
Fire fighter role play
Name writing!
Farm Small World
Autumn treasures!
Outdoor art - made at home!
Kyle's car - made independently :)
Firework colouring
Firework pictures
Firework art pictures!
Using Dazzle to make our firework pictures
Pouring and scooping!
We enjoy playing football!
Fire service role play
Mark making
Water play
Autumn treasures!
Leaf printing
Fine Motor task:
Observing the pumpkin seeds!
Butternut squash!
"I want to grow my own!"
Printing activity: Pumpkins
Role play :)

10 - 14th October

Dates for your diary:

It is parents evening on the 18th and 20th October. Please see the notice board in nursery for available time slots!

It will be the last school day of this half term on Friday the 21st. School will re-open on the 31st October.



Sponge printing to make a 'road'!
Using gummed shapes to make a house!
Small world play!
We love to mark make :)
Outdoor role play - Police station
Water play!
Number games!
Mark making in the sand! I am writing my name!

3 - 7th October

Arla brought her pet snake to 'show and tell'!
We are exploring the new tunnel!
Mark making using water!
Music in the garden!
I can use the shapes to produce a picture!
Our Christmas cards - we are having them printed!
Small world - fire service
We are learning how to use the Bee Bots!
Water play
Mark making with chalk!
I can draw a face!

26th - 30th September


Welcome to our new pupil!
Hospital small world play
We are working together to build a model!
I am proud of my achievement!
We are learning how to control the mouse!
Home corner
We love to mark make!
Hair dressers role play
Making patterns!
Music in the garden!
We are in a band!
We are good at climbing and balancing!

19-23rd September


Funnybones story -  small world activity
Funnybones - playdough activity
Balancing in the garden :)
Mark making
Mark making at the end of the slide!
I can write a number 1!
Number art activity
Our outdoor role play area - hairdressers!
I am counting!

7th - 16th September

Welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed your summer break!

New children have joined our nursery class this week! They will begin their induction by joining us for three out of the five mornings for the first couple of weeks. This will increase as they become settled.

As you have read on our newsletter, our topic for the half term is 'All about me'. For further information please view our half term nursery plan below. Additionally, there are a range of photographs below to view some of the exciting activities and learning opportunities we have completed frown

Our new reading garden!
We enjoy mark making!
Water play
Collage of a person!
Our new water wall!
Water play in the garden!
Making play dough faces
Small world