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Miss Blacklock's STEM Enrichment Activity

I usually do STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities for enrichment with y3-6 (if your child has come home recently with some sort of spaghetti or newspaper contraption it's my doing apologies). I'll post one a week for you to have a go at if you wish - something a little different to a screen.


If you do have a go at anything, I would love to see photos!

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Excellent examples of STEM at home. Thanks for these.

Castle Maths Investigation - STEM and Outdoor Learning in one.

What you need: twigs, flowers, string, elastic bands.


Basic castle:


1. Make squares with sticks and elastic bands .

2. Bind them together to make a cube.

3. Decorate with flowers or leaves or whatever they want.

4. Repeat


There is so much scope with this activity. You can vary the 3D shapes made with sticks - they could try a square based pyramid, triangular prism or maybe even something like a pentagonal prism if feeling ambitious! 

Classic Spaghetti and Marshmallow Engineering challenge. A favourite with the children but worth trying at home too. How high can they make the tower without it falling down? All you need is spaghetti or cocktail sticks and marshmallows!

Other options: Rollercoaster challenge

Science experiment - Volcano


Y5 and 6 like this one - mainly because it makes a mess!!