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Maths Starter Speed Challenge



At the start of each maths lesson the children enjoy using this website:



This really is an excellent resource for practicing mental arithmetic and it involves ALL aspects of number.


I would recommend that the children still do a few speed challenges before any other maths, as it will keep their mental arithmetic skills fresh.


How to use:

  • Choose Level 5 or 6 (relates to Y5 and Y6)
  • Choose a category for example Fractions ?/12
  • Choose a time: 5-10 seconds

It will then give a series of questions which the children must solve in the allotted time.

So, choosing the above would produce questions on non-unit fractions of amounts, such as:


9/12 of 108 = 81 


(By the way, a lot of Y5 were able to mentally calculate the above question in 5 seconds before school closed – it really is beneficial if they do this regularly.)