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Library Visit

Library visit on Thursday 1st October.


In order to encourage wider reading and allow access to even more books than our own school library we will be visiting Eckington Library on Thursday 1st October. This will provide every Y3 child with the opportunity to obtain their own library card, which they can then use when we visit the library as a class but also in their own time. All children have been provided with a green form and card that need to be filled in only IF your child does not already have a valid Eckington Library card. This needs to be filled in with just the children's details but the card does need to be signed on the back by an adult. Any completed forms and cards will be taken back to the library on Friday 25th September so the cards can be processed and provided to children on our arrival the following Thursday. Any completed forms after this time will still be processed but obviously library cards will then be provided at a later date. Any children that already have library cards need to ensure they are in school on the date of our visit if they wish to borrow any books from the library. 

Their first visit will include an introductory chat and explanation of how the library works from one of the librarians.

The safe and timely returning of books will obviously be the responsibility of children (with help from adults at home) but we shall endeavour to get to the library as a class every 2-3 weeks. This will be on a Thursday (weather permitting). Due to child/adult ratios we will need 4 adults for each trip so anybody who is at a loose end on a Thursday afternoon and fancies a trip to the library with us please let the office or the class teacher know. Any help as always would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.