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Lea Green 2019

On the day


Come to school for normal time, but make sure you bring your stuff!


Come in non-uniform.  By this, I mean come in something that allows you to get stuck in straightaway!


On Friday, we aim to return to school so that we are back for normal end-of-day time.



Thank you to those that could make it, and don't worry if you couldn't.  


Here are the headlines:


1.  NO ELECTRICAL ITEMS:  We will take loads of photos, and no need for phones.  No kindles or tablets either.


2.  FOOD:  Lea Green will cater for special diets, but have no time for faddy eaters (and i don't blame them!).  The food is brilliant and there is plenty of it.  Children who, in our opinion and in the opinion o the instructors, will not take part in activities.  Proper fuelling is important and we can't risk feintings or other sure accidents.


3.  MONEY:  There is a tuckshop / giftshop on site, so a maximum of £5 please.  please send the money in a labelled bag/purse/wallet and I will look after it.  At the tuckshop, the children will be limited to 2 items of confectionery, so those faddy-eaters better beware!


4.  MIDNIGHT SNACKS:  By all means send them with some sweets, but please use your grown-up discretion when deciding how much is sensible.  Staff are more than happy to share where we think there is too much.  The children will be asked to clean themselves up in the event of sweet-induced vomiting.


5.  DUVETS:  Practice putting one on or pal-up with a roommate who can.


6.  BEDROOMS:  I will be asking the children to name two others that they would like to share with.  This is a logistical nightmare and I will do my best to get it right.  The final decision will be based on child-choice and teacher-knowhow.


7.  PHONING HOME:  This will only happen in the event of a medical incident or serious behavioural issues.  Other than that, enjoy the peace and quiet.


8.  CLOTHES:  Don't send anything precious or important.  If you can't risk losing it; don't send it.


9.  CASES: The rooms are all up stairs (1 or 2 flights) and staff will not carry cases up stairs.  Please practice carrying or pack lightly.


10.  ANYTHING ELSE:  If you think I have missed something, please ask.


There are still a number of outstanding consent forms from when they were sent out this week.  Please return ASAP.


Likewise, the deadline for payment is looming and there are some large balances to pay.  PLease can you arrange for the monies to be paid.


Thanks All


Mr Cocking