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Wider Opening Information

Wider Opening of Schools


We are making every effort to accommodate the selected year groups, as well as Key Worker and Vulnerable children as soon as possible.


This page aims to keep you as up to date as possible.


Please be aware that the guidance changes daily, and there may be a delay in updating this page.  All information will be sent out via Parenthub FIRST as this is the fastest way to get the information to you.  Checking the whole school channel is the best place to start.

Returning on 29th June


Thank you again to all those that have completed the form for a return on the 29th.


The numbers, staff, room and logistics have been shuffled and hopefully everyone is in an accommodated.


With a little bit of luck, and a fair wind, this will be sorted now until the end of the year, and we can all look forward to September.  My further thoughts on this will be in the next newsletter.


The letter below is all about the arrangements for the 29th onwards.


If you are requiring a place from the 29th and this has been strung upon you by your employer, then please contact me.  However, please be aware that I can only work with the space, guidelines, rules, staff and safety arrangements as they currently stand, this may mean that I am unable to fulfill your needs.


Thanks all and stay well

Opening on 29th June

Still image for this video
This is a rather hasty video. Do not watch it in full-screen as you get motion sickness! Hope you make it to the end and it all makes sense.

Returning on June 15th


The expansion of the Key Worker and Vulnerable children intake has meant that the proposed further opening to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 is not possible or safe at the moment.


From June 15th we are able to accommodate Key Worker and Vulnerable children from all year groups, and additional children from Nursery and Reception.


If you are in these groups a message was send on Thursday 4th June with details.  This letter follows this text.


It is a very difficult decision to make to say 'No, sorry, we can't do it', but the factors involved in organising additional children go beyond our own school gates as staff are also in the same position as many of you - Is it safe to go back?  My position as a head has always been: If you can keep the children at home, do so.  It's the safest place.  This makes it hypocritical of me to pressure staff to send their children to school, when safety comes first.


From conversations I have had with many of you, this is a position that you all understand, and i appreciate your support.


On the 15th, a new form will be made available to try and gauge numbers in an effort to open more widely, with Year 1 and Year 6 being included.  This is not a guarantee and may result in the same situation.


Mr Cocking June 2020

June 15th Opening


This letter has been sent to the parents of the children we are able to open to.  I have included it here for completeness and information.


If you have not received a letter confirming you child is able to be accommodated, please do not come to school on the 15th.  It will be lovely to see you, but I will have to turn you away.

Morning Routine Run Through

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a short video just to run through what's what in a morning. This would be useful to share with you child so that they can take a little bit of a lead, be in charge and help with their settling in an unfamiliar routine.


Returning on June 1st


The Government has tasked schools with being prepared for a phased return on 1st June, and this page is designed to try and give you as much information as we can about what to expect.


I will update this as often as I can with the 'guidance' and 'support' that are provided to me by HM Government and Derbyshire LA.



Latest Information - May 27th Letter


Following a change of plans, we are unable to open on the 1st as planned.  Please read the following letter and access the hyperlink below if required.


Thank you for your patience.


Link to form

Latest News - May 22nd Letter

Return on 1st June Letter

Return to School Questionnaire


If your child is in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, or you are a Critical Key Worker (as defined by the Government), please complete the following form to let me now your intentions on June 1st.


Questionnaire Hyperlink