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Indoor activities - a few ideas to get you started

Let's Go To The New Dough Disco...

Use any music to move to whilst you squeeze and press the dough.
Groovy music + play dough + exercises = stronger fingers and better pencil control


Why not try ........

  • a building challenge - can you build a house for one of your toys?  You could use lego, empty boxes, stacked plastic cups or even cushions.  Can your toy fit inside it?
  • make a folded paper boat - Use a piece of paper and make some folds.  Does your boat float?  Try adding small counters or toy people to your boat and see if it still floats.
  • make a colourful chalky picture outside - why not try drawing an enormous dinosaur or a beautiful mermaid with chalks outside on the floor.  Check with a grown up first though.