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How are children with SEND supported through staff expertise and training?

Staff at Camms receive regular training in a range of aspects concerning SEND, Nurture and Behaviour Support.
Part of Mr Blake's role as our school SENCo is to support class teachers in planning for children with SEN.  Our school's development plan, includes identified training needs for all staff to improve the teaching and learning of children including those with SEN. This may include whole school training on SEN issues or to support identified needs in school. Whole staff training is held to share knowledge, strategies and experience, to ensure consistency of the school’s approach for children with SEN. Individual teachers and support staff attend training courses run by outside agencies that are relevant to the needs of specific children in their class.
If you would like to hear about the training which is currently taking place or has taken place by the staff members in the school, please speak to the Headteacher or SENCO