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Maths Homework

Adding fractions with unlike denominators - due 31/1/20

Spelling Shed

This box will be to inform parents of the latest Spelling Shed homework set.



Due : 31/01/20

10 games of assigned spelling list - using the suffix "able."

Some children have different spellings.



This box will inform parents of the latest spag homework set.



Due 31/01/20 - Expanded noun phrases. 

Times Tables


See below for website links to other very useful times tables games which will help your child with the practice and retention of their times tables.

TT Rockstars

Last year, the whole school was introduced to TT Rockstars to help boost times tables practice in school and at home. In the game, the children can practice their tables, play against other people and earn coins to acquire new outfits and accessories for their "Rockstar" avatar.



I found this resource absolutely invaluable with my most recent class and they demonstrated excellent mastery of some of the toughest areas of the Y5 curriculum partly because they had memorised their times tables. There are 30+ maths objectives which require instant recall of times tables in Y5 alone. TT Rockstars is an incredibly engaging and effective way for children to practice their times table recall – please encourage them to engage with it.


Reading Skills Document - Download.

This document can be downloaded and used to accompany any reading you may do with your child. Each page includes questions which will help your child improve the key reading skills: vocabulary knowledge, retrieval, summarising, inference, prediction and authorial intention. 


These are the reading skills which we work on at school and are assessed regularly throughout the term. They are vital skills which will enable your child to become competent, independent readers and are assessed at the end of Y6. You can use any of the cards whilst listening to your child read and with regular use they will prove beneficial in developing your child's comprehension skills.


If you have any questions about how to use them, do not hesitate to come and ask me.


Miss Blacklock.