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Topic Homework

Please find topic grids with homework ideas below.  Each term will have its own homework grid. Most activities can be down independently by your child with some that need a supervising adult or someone who can show them how to research for information on the internet. Each piece of homework brought it, will be proudly displayed in the classroom and a reward will be given.  This homework will not be marked, however its aim is to help develop your child's ability to read and research around a topic to concrete their learning and give them confidence in what they are learning. 


Weekly homework 

Reading = please listen to your child read for a minimum of 5 minutes each day (if possible) and ask your child what they understand from what they have just read. When you have listened to your child read, please write in their reading diaries to be checked regularly. 


Times tables = please help your child to learn their times tables up to 12.  By the end of year 4 all children must know their times tables to 12.  Please find attached below some posters to print out, to stick up to assist your child with learning their times tables.  I will print out a limited amount of posters for the those who do not have access to a printer. 


Spellings = please find below spelling groups. Have a look at either group and decide with your child how many spellings they would be happy to learn each week. All weeks will be repeated a few times throughout year 3 and 4, so there are many chances to relearn. 

Stoneage Homework Grid

Rainforest Homework Grid

Ancient Egyptian Homework grid

The BFG Homework Grid

Ocean Homework Grid

World of Work Homework Grid