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Daily Reading and Word Books

Children are encouraged to read their reading scheme or phonics book at home on a daily basis. There are plenty of house points available for those who do!


Practising individual words listed in word books at home is an important way of supporting your child's progression through the school's reading scheme.

Active Learn

Children will be set maths homework on Active Learn each Friday. Please let Mr Blake if you are unable to access these games at home.


There are 166 Year 1 games available for allocation on the Active Learn website.


It is really important that children work hard on learning to spell high frequency words as well as spellings linked to our phonics programme. You con downlod spelling levels below:
Level 1 Achieved: Lilly, Isabelle, Lily, Bella, Hollie, Layla, Oliver, Charlotte, Lola, Ruby, Mia, Frankie, Esmae, Paige, Lenny, Maddison and Ella.
Level 2 Achieved: Lilly,  Bella, Hollie. Faye, Lily, Layla, Crue, Frankie and Charlotte.
Level 3 Achieved: Lilly, Hollie, Lily, Charlotte, Mia, Oliver and Frankie.
Level 4 Achieved: Lily, Mia, Charlotte, Hollie and Lilly.
Level 5 Achieved: Charlotte, Hollie, Tally, Madison and Mia.
Level 6 Achieved: Crue, Lilly, Hollie, Tally, Frankie, Maddison, Mia, Lily and Charlotte,
Level 7 Achieved: Lilly, Hollie and Lily