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Daily Reading

Children need to read their reading scheme book at home on a daily basis to support their progress.  Re-reading books is essential for developing reading fluency and understanding when discussing the text.


Year 2'Star Readers' so far: Milani, Gracie, Corey, Emma, Andrei and William.

Active Learn

Children will be set maths Active Learn homework throughout the year. Please let Mr Blake if you are unable to access these games at home.


There are 166 Year 1 and 176 Year 2 games available for allocation on the Active Learn website.


Y1 Active Learn Games Completed: Andrei, Milani, Charlie, Evie-Mae, Mia, Emily, William, Gracie, Georgia, Ellis, Flora, India, Freya, Luke, Emma and Maisie.


Y2 Active Learn Games Completed: 


Purple Mash

More details to follow soon...


Children are taught to practise their spellings using the method: Read > Write > Cover > Check.


Spellings will be sent home every Monday for children to learn. Set spellings will then be assessed in a spelling quiz on Fridays.

Spelling Levels

Children will continue to get the opportunity this year to demonstrate their knowledge of spelling high frequency words in Year 2. Children will be awarded certificates for the relevant phase if they score 100% in an assessment quiz in class. 
Phase 2 Certificate Achieved: Evie-Mae, Emily, Andrei, India, Mia, Lily, Georgia, Flora, Mason, William, Corey, Milani, Leo, Jasmine, Evie, Gracie, Maisie, Luke, Ellis and Sofia.

Phase 3 Certificate Achieved: Evie-Mae, Emily, Andrei, Georgia, India, Lily, Mia, Flora and William, Gracie, Ellis, Milani, Mason and Leo.

Phase 4 Certificate Achieved: Evie-Mae, Emily, Andrei, India, Mia and Georgia.
Phase 5 Certificate Achieved: Evie-Mae and Georgia

Second 100 High Frequency Words Certificate Achieved: Evie-Mae


You can support your child's progress through these spelling levels by downloading the phase word grids and practising the words they find tricky at home. Please follow the link below.

Spelling and Grammar

Year 2 children use a personal login to access spelling and grammar activities on the website. Completing set activities on this website will support the children in their progress towards the expected standard in the end of key stage assessment.