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This is a new page created in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak.


In the event of school closures, I have asked staff to populate these pages with lots of activities, lessons and other learning opportunities that can be accessed at home to keep the skills sharp, brains active and maintain some sort of routine!


Each teacher has created a set of learning resources, either collated from educational sites or self-made, and uploaded them for you to access.  The pages should have:


  • Timetable - So you can try to keep to a school-like routine.  This may be an actual class timetable, or a suggested home one.
  • Online Resources - to access via a device.
  • Offline Resources - For you to print (if you are able) or copy from the screen.
  • Answers - Where appropriate, answers will be provided to help you mark your child's work.


We will send home paper or an exercise book and a pencil to get you started.  In light of the nature of the virus, we do not want these back! 


Don't forget that the children have all had logins for TT Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Purple Mash.


We would love to send home lots of reading books, but as you can appreciate this is not possible.  Fear not - there is still lots of reading to be had:


  • Magazines
  • Comics
  • Recipe Books
  • Maps
  • The books you already have
  • Instructions
  • Internet pages


These are all good sources of the written word!


The 'All Year Groups' page has some general resources and links.


Hopefully this page will not be needed for long (fingers crossed).


Mr C 


Home Learning Newsletter

Your Video

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Many thanks that managed to send a video in. I know some took many, many takes (you know who you are!) and we appreciate the effort.

If you didn't send one in; there's always next time...

April Park Rainbow Project


WOW, oh, WOW!


The response has been amazing.  Here is the link for the video.


It *should* take you to a Google Drive link - the video is too awesome for this website.


Might need a copy and paste, or highlight-right click-goto.


There are more and more pictures coming in by the day KEEP IT UP, there is going to be enough for another video by the end of the week.  



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