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This is a page set up by Primary Site for some home learning things.  There's not much on here, only because we had already set one up on the 'Class Pages'.


However, they have given me a blog!  Well, tbh, they have given everyone a blog, but as it's all a bit odd, I haven't opened it up.


So, if you want a slightly left-field view on what a headteacher's day looks like, or just some general musings on the current crisis, then have a look.


Much of the writing is done with parents in mind, so it will go over the heads of most of the children, but there is stuff in there for the kids. 



Here's the Blog (It won't let me change the font size on the link!) Class Blogs 


There is also a link to a  'Video Centre'. Not 100% sure about this, but left it there as it might come in useful later on.