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Collins E-Books


Thanks to the lovely people at Harper Collins, we have access to these e-books for free.


Don't look at the bandings too much (although they are aligned with our bands), rather, pick a book and read it for enjoyment.


Once you have read it once, sit with your child and ask some questions about it:


What did you like?

Who was the best character?

Can you think of a different ending?

If you could swap places with a character who would it be?

Can you write a next chapter to the story or just tell me 'what happens next'?


These are all good ways to enjoy a book without picking it apart (sadly, that's our job through the demands of the curriculum!).

This is the best way to access the 300+ e-books that Collins have kindly let us access.

Student Sign-in


It will ask for the postcode of the school.  (Future visits *should* remember this bit), enter the postcode and choose us from the drop-down box.


Then it takes you to the login screen


It has asked for the same info each time which will be:




Year 6


This gets you in!


You need to scroll to Big Cat and go from there.


The other available features are there for your perusal, if you like, but the e-books are the really useful bit.


Hopefully the single-pupil login works for multiple users.  It also works on android phones (well mine anyway).