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Day 5

Day 5


Group D - Leap of Faith, Ropes 2


Group E - Mountain Biking


Day 5, also known as Pin Drop Day for the silence that has descended upon the dining room.  Tired eyes and the grudging admission that the teachers really did mean 'sleep is important'.


My group got harnessed up and headed for the Leap of Faith.  This involved climbing the Ladder of No Return, standing upon the Platform of Despair and taking a leap to cling upon the Bar of Hope and Salvation.  As per the rest of the week, many fears were overcome and lots of effort and encouragement from the team. 


After this, the second ropes course and the tree climb were very low-key.  Energy levels had dropped to almost empty, and it was a fitting wind-down to the week.


Today saw Lenny, Sam, Shay, Georgia and Zara rise to the fore and finish the week in style.


All that was left was lunch and get sorted.


The games room was awash with coats, bags, cases and a range of sad and unwanted items of clothing.  It's always amazing how children do not know if that pair of pants is theirs or if they are missing a shoe...


The coach home was, like breakfast, a quiet and sombre affair.  Many children fell asleep on the coach (if only they'd done this Tuesday night...) and we waved St Andrews off with a fond farewell.


I would like to personally thank Mr Hill, Miss Smith, Mr Windsor and Mr Webb for giving up their time (and beauty sleep) for accompanying me on the visit.  Without their effort and goodwill, this could not happen.


I would also like to thank those of you who took the time to thank staff as well.  It is nice to know that our efforts are appreciated.